Snapchat third party apps

Third-Party Apps for Snapchat that we love!

You may have heard that Snapchat is now allowing third party apps, which is GREAT news! We want to help you maximize all that your snap has to offer, so we’ve got a list of the top three third-party apps for Snapchat that you’ve gotta have!

1. Gemi

Check this out–Gemi is the first multi-cam recording app–it lets you record using both the front and back cameras on your device at the same time, create split-screen stories, or edit together clips from multiple perspectives. Think about the possibilities of offering two views of your story for the price of one! This offers you tons of opportunities for multi-POV storytelling, which mean more unique, interesting shows and…yup, that leads to more subscriptions.

2. Yolo

The Yolo app is also pretty cool. It allows you to host anonymous Q&A sessions with your fans, so you can get honest and helpful feedback on your shows. While there are other Q&A apps, this one was designed solely for Snap, so it’s super easy  and convenient to use. Your fans don’t have to fess up to who they are, so be sure to remind them before you begin that bullies will be kicked to the curb!

3. Swipe

Swipe is a super useful little tool that will allow you to add thumbnails of your swipe up links!

Now that third-party apps are no longer taboo, check out all the ways you can use them to enhance your snaps and make your account one that fans do NOT want to miss!