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Hot Tip for Self Care — Look out for #1

It’s really hard to produce quality content when your heart and head just aren’t into it. Despite what people may think, this industry can be ROUGH on  self-esteem and that’s why it’s super important that you take the time to do what’s best for your mental and physical health.

It’s not brain surgery…if you feel like shit, it’s gonna show. No matter what’s got you stressed, be it self-esteem issues, exhaustion, or life just beating the crap out of you, it will translate to your members. Can self-care magically solve your problems? NO! But, it can make them a LOT more tolerable.

Self-care should NOT be a ‘treat’

Self-care is something you should shoot for every single day — making self-care a priority is the best way to boost your mood and get on the road to creating GREAT content. Here are a few things to remember that might help put ‘me time’ into perspective.

Your members are there for YOU!
We all have days when we feel, for lack of a better word, shitty. The hair isn’t right, the body isn’t right, or there’s a huge zit taking up residence on the tip of your nose. I’ll say it again for those in the back row, WE ALL HAVE THOSE DAYS. The trick is not giving in to them! If you get into a rut worrying about self-esteem, body image, or what your members MIGHT be thinking, you’re going to pull all your focus inward, which is a bad place to be. Your members subscribed to you because they love what you have to offer, so put your insecurities aside. A great attitude is stunning on everyone, so make that your top priority.

Signed out? Log off.
If you truly feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin, mental health breaks are always a good option. Put yourself first and take a day to decompress…if a much needed break will pave the way for a better week, it’s well worth losing a day! If you’re worried about your subscribers, there are ways to keep them busy. Program some content to autopost on your Feed so you can take a much needed day off.

“Me Time” Should Happen EVERY DAY
Not once a week, not every month…every damn day. Read, relax in the bath, get a massage…choosing to be kind to yourself needs to be as regular as brushing your teeth.

Say Yes
A crucial element of self-care is recognizing when enough is enough. If you are feeling super overwhelmed, don’t keep it to yourself and don’t be afraid to say yes to getting help. Reach out to someone supportive in your life or contact an organization such as The Red Umbrella Project to help you find the resources you need.

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