How to Create Video Content That Goes Viral

Getting your content to stand out on social media will help you tremendously as you grow your following and direct traffic to your paid content on Fancentro. Make the most of your time, and ensure that your videos grab the attention of new fans with this ‘How To’ guide for creating top-notch content that will go viral. 

Tips for making a classic, flirty video to promote yourself:

  • All content should be filmed vertically (selfie-style)
  • Set your mobile up on a ring light stand or tripod 
  • Use the back camera for the best results. 
  •  If you will speak in the video, ensure you are in a quiet place and test the audio before recording the message.
  • Choose a clean background  and check for any objects on the ground or nearby surfaces
  • Wear an outfit that is non-sexually explicit and safe for work 
  • Let your personality shine through in your poses and maintain eye contact with the camera.

Check out this video on our Instagram for inspiration.

Tips for Creating Promotion Videos With a Message For Your Fans:

  • Keep your video short and sweet approx 10-20 seconds long
  • Personalize your message, your fans will engage better.
  • Share a clear and engaging message with your fans. (ie: My GFE subscription is 75% off for King’s Day)
  • Give a clear action you want fans to take at the end of the video (ex: Go to my Fancentro page and send me a DM)


Check out this video on our Instagram for inspiration.

Now that you’re a video production expert, it’s time to get featured on Fancentro socials. Fill out a typeform request and follow this guide.

Make the most of your promo:

By sharing the content on your socials via stories, tweets, retweets, etc., or accepting collaboration tags on IG, you will increase the traffic your promos receive. 

Encourage your fans to interact and engage with your content and boost your chances of being favored by the algorithms.

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