Level Up! 5 Tips to Transition from Creator to Entrepreneur

Many creators are rising to the top and want to share their knowledge with the community. Learn firsthand from the creators of Fancentro how to organize your content, manage your workflow, and give fans the best experience possible.

Meet Smiling Dutchie

She’s a creator from the Netherlands with an incredible following. She offers a wide range of content to her fans but specializes in creating fetish-friendly and custom content.


Managing your account and providing real attention and intimacy for your fans is something that helps build fan loyalty. What is your favorite thing about getting to personally connect with your fans?


Smiling Dutchie: It all starts with having a “normal” conversation that’s not about sex nor being too intimate. It is like having a good conversation when meeting a nice person at a bar. It often happens already before a video call or custom video request. This kind of conversation should always affirm that everyone involved is being appreciated as a human being, not as a lust object or heartless sex toy 


What are your tips for staying organized as you manage everything on your own? Do you use any special programs or apps for organizing your socials etc.?


Smiling Dutchie: I always work from a certain base which is as steady and consistent as it can be. I focus on what is most important and try not to be distracted by enthusiasm when something new comes up or getting overwhelmed by something or someone.


What kind of content or subscriptions do your fans like the best? 


Smiling Dutchie: They very much seem to enjoy my role-play content 


How do you keep the connection with fans alive and long-lasting?


Smiling Dutchie: Giving superficial replies doesn’t work! Always keep the conversation going, ask things, and care for your fans by asking how they’re doing, what they like, and other interests. And always show them how much they’re appreciated!


Meet Charlotte Michelle 

(also known as @barbiecharr) a MILF, Goddess, Bimbo, Dominant, and Submissive all in one. She also has a dominant side to her and a love for latex, leather, fetish which she is showing and exploring more and more on her platforms and socials.

Charlotte’s Tips for Creators: 

“I love to use Lightroom to edit my content to really pop out the colors and make the pictures bright and sharp. But my video content / customs are most of the times all real no edit, so people can also see the real me without the touch up’s. 

I have many socials on instagram, TikTok, X (and so on) to promote myself everyday. And for gaining a bigger audience I show a different side of me on every account. But my main insta @charlotte.michelle.g is more my everyday life also on my story post. 

My tip for new creators is to first find your own interest in making content. And take it slow. Feel what your personal boundaries are. There is no hurry in that.” 

Meet Roxys89

Roxy’s Tips for Creators: 

“For my phone content, I use CapCut to edit my videos and Lightroom, and Faceapp for my photo content! When I create professional content with my camera I use Premiere Pro for my videos and Lightroom/photoshop for my photos.

I work with a schedule like I’m working for a boss.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are to create content. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are to edit my content. I created a schedule with Excel and printed it! It’s hanging in my office. The customs and live shows are placed in a spreadsheet. I use my drive with different maps to order my content in weeks so I can plan them by week at Fancentro. I do promotion every day on my socials.

What is the top tip you would give to someone who is just starting out as a creator?

Roxy: Don’t think too big and professional. Selfies are a great way to start, create a corner to make some content, and uses different sets of clothing or lingerie. Never go over your boundaries even when big money is involved. Content gets leaked and that is less of a problem if you are fully behind it.”

If you need further assistance from the experts, our team of Success Coaches would be happy to work with you on creating a weekly-monthly personal plan, tailored to your goals and needs as a creator.

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