Top 4 Tips from Fancentro Success Coaches

A Diamond In The Rough


We know you have all the potential, but you just need that little extra push. Here at Fancentro we have the very best success coaches who are so happy to help you avoid making newbie mistakes. Skip the headache of figuring all this out on your own and take the amazing advice of seasoned professionals who are highly experienced in finding success on Fancentro! 



Top 4 Tips from Our Success Coaches



  • Update Your Profile

This seems like an easy one, but you’d be surprised by how many people forget to frequently update their profile. Make sure your fans can count on you for regular content. Keep everything updated regularly like your feed, clips, and stories. And don’t forget to send out mass DMs! Which brings us to tip number two…


  • Engage with Users 

Talk to your fans! They want to connect with you! That’s why they’re here. They love feeling like they know you on a personal level. A great way to give them that feeling is through DMs. Give them the personal touch in your messages to them, and they’ll be your fan for life. Which leads to tip number three…


  • Personalize Your Users’ Experience

Users want that personal touch. Keep track of their personal preferences in Fancentro’s new User Renaming feature. You can rename your fan and write down notes about them, so you can be sure to remember all their favorite things. It’s a great way to connect with your fans!


  • Keep It Real 

High quality and good lighting in your content is really important, but… fans want to see the real you. So it’s important that not everything looks so professional and polished that all the beauty of the real you is photoshopped out. Of course you can upload professional content but make sure that your true self still shines through. 


From Newbie to Pro in No Time


Skip all the rookie mistakes and go straight to the professional level of content creation. Learn the most beneficial lessons from the very best success coaches here at Fancentro. Follow these four valuable tips, keep working hard, and you’ll be a pro on Fancentro in no time at all! 


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