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Social media promotion is likened to pure gold for content creators. The more reach you have, the better your chances are to grow your global fanbase and income. We want to help you get discovered by giving you a FREE shoutout on our Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok accounts!

Want to get FREE, Unlimited Shoutouts? Here’s How!

  1. Fill out the Typeform by clicking the image below. You must include a link to your Fancentro page as well as your social media handles.
  2. Upload a photo or video
  3. Add a caption with a message for your fans.
  • IMPORTANT: You must name your file with your FC stage name.
  • You can upload a video (up to 15 secs) or photo content. 
  • Must be SFW –You know the drill: no nudity, exposed uncovered buttocks, or hand/sticker bras.
  • Your caption may not include hate, sexual, or explicit speech. You can be suggestive and sexy, but save the good stuff for your DMs.
  • No promoting competitors’ brands.
  • Videos shouldn’t have any music or text.
  • If you request an IG Reel for Promo, PLEASE accept the “collaborator” request, as this will help the performance of the promo.
  • Videos for TikTok can be taken from your own account, but please download them without the watermark so it performs well as a promo on our account. 
  • In extra notes, please specify which type of SM platform you would like to be promoted on.

Boom! Easy, right? Once we receive your submission, your shoutout will be posted to our Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram page within seven days. Request a shoutout as often as you wish!

IMPORTANT! Please take the time to double-check all of your information and make sure we have the correct details- if there is an error, we may not be able to promote you.

PRO TIP: To ensure that your promo gets picked up by the algorithm (and you get the most reach possible) keep an eye out for your promo in your tagged content and engage with the post. Reshare, like, comment, etc. The more action it gets, the more it will be pushed by the platform.

Any Questions? Email us at and we’ll be happy to help!


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