Model Releases and Why You Need One

Shooting content with another performer is a more complicated process than shooting and producing your own content. To begin, both of you need to be on the same page regarding the type of content you are planning to shoot, your comfort level, and any boundaries that should be respected by both parties.


That all seems like common sense, but what you may not know is that it is important to have a signed release (from each person you are shooting with) that outlines your intent for the content and the right to publish it with their consent.


In addition to a signed release, you should also have a copy of the other person’s driver’s license for proof of age and identity. This is extremely important in order to protect both parties.


What should be included in the release?


It doesn’t have to be a long or complicated release, you can absolutely keep things simple when shooting with another influencer, but you shouldn’t try to craft the release on your own. There are many sample model releases available online that can be tweaked to include the specific details of your own shoot.


A basic contract law states that there will be a meeting of the minds. In layman’s terms, the  contract must be drawn up as a two-way street, with certain obligations required from each party. In addition to this requirement, you must take “consideration” into account. When you are speaking from a legal standpoint “consideration” simply means something of value.


It is important to have all of this information laid out and fully understood by both parties before shooting ever begins. Will you be posting the content or will you both have the option to post it? If only one of you posts the content for sale, will there be consideration given to the other party?


The beauty of creating your own photo release is that you can usually draw up a blank version and use it each time you are collaborating with another influencer.


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