FanCentro Lambo influencer referral

Get That Lambo! Earn Golden Tickets with the Influencer Referral Program!

Do you have a friend who would KILL it in the FC Tribe? Of course you do, all of your friends are super hot and talented. Well now’s the time to get them on board, because we’ve come up with a kickass way for you to rack up the gold.

Ready? Introducing…

The Influencer Referral Program! (ta-da!!!!)

Guys, this is amazing and a total no-brainer.

You know your friends are sending pics all day anyway, so why not tell them they can get paid for it? You’re just being a good friend, it’s not like there’s anything in it for you!

(Spoiler: There is something in it for you.)

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Here it is: When you refer a friend on FanCentro, you’ll earn Golden Tickets when they sell. Boom. Done.

Also…so will they. Which is another good thing to tell your potential recruits.

Here’s how it works:

1. First things first: you gotta opt in. Join the Lambo Giveaway in your admin panel.

2. Once you’re in, we’ll give you a referral link. (You can find it under Option 3 here:

3. Go crazy with that referral link. Post it on your socials, email it to friends, and *spray paint it all over your neighborhood  (*note from the Editor: Don’t do that). Do whatever it takes to let your friends know you’ve got a money-making, car-winning opportunity they’ve GOT to check out.

4. Your friends are signing up like crazy…YAY! Cool part ahead: whenever they earn $69, YOU earn a Golden Ticket! NO LIMITS! As long as they’re earning, so are you!

5. Months pass, your friend is making tons of money and buys you presents every day. Oh, and you won the car.  (Hey, you never know.)



Seriously, this is a great way to help boost your ticket collection, so get in on it. Totally free, nothing to lose, and tons to gain! Got questions or want to share your thoughts? Give us a shout.

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