Sexy Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2021

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to choose our costumes and get in the spooky spirit. However, some of us aren’t that into scary costumes, but we still enjoy Halloween so we can dress however we want… even if it’s a sexy warrior or a naughty bunny.


For those of you looking for sexy Halloween costume ideas for 2021, we bring you 20+ costume ideas! We also invite you to check out and participate in our Twitter Halloween photo contest for a chance to win $500!



A cinema classic when it comes to fashion! Whichever character you choose to dress up as, you’ll look fashionable and sexy! Take a look below for some ideas:



Marvel queens

Wonderwoman, Catwoman, Posion Ivy… There are so many great super heros to choose from when looking for a sexy and strong heroines! Here are some of our favs:




Squidgame has won the hearts of many fans the last few months, so why not dress up as one of the characters of Squidgame this Halloween? It’ll be fun, easy and unique! You could dress up as a contestant, the frontman, or even the VIPs. Once you have the basics you can even adapt the costume to your liking of how precise or sexy you want to make it. Here are some ideas:




Our fav celebs

Another great option is to dress up as your favourite celebrity! From Ariana Grande to 2000s Britney Spears, it’s always fun and sexy to be your idol for a day. Have a look below for some ideas:



Disney Princesses

Another great sexy Halloween costume idea is to go back to our favourite childhood Disney princess now that we’re grown! So, which one was your favourite? Here are some ideas:



Star Wars

Any Star Wars fans here? I definitely am! That’s why I had to include some sexy Star Wars costume ideas to spice up your Halloween with a bit of fantasy. Check out these hot Star Wars Halloween costumes:


Playboy Bunny

Another classic is the Playboy Bunny. Every girl has to dress up as a Playboy Bunny at least once in their life! It’s such a cute yet naughty costume, so why not try it out this Halloween? Here are some ideas on how you could adapt it to your liking:



Wednesday Addams

The Addams family is perfect for Halloween! And who knew Wednesday Addams would grow up and be so sexy? Check out some Wednesday Addams Halloween costume ideas below. But, also remember you can dress up as Morticia Addams or any other character.


Tomb Raider

Sexy and bad? Then, Lara Croft might be the perfect Halloween costume for you! She’s strong, feminine, independent and so hot. Take a look at some of these Lara Croft Halloween costumes:



Lola the bunny from Space Jam

With the new Space Jam movie that came out, let’s take it back to the classic sexy Looney Tunes character: Lola the bunny. For some ideas, have a look at some Lola the bunny Halloween costume ideas:


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