Make it a Banner Week! Lambo Banners are here!

As the Lambo contest zooooooms forward, we want to make is easy for you to have attention-grabbing graphics so you can keep racking up those Golden tickets! Promo materials take a ton of time to create, we get it….that’s why we’re giving you BIGGER and BETTER banner options in the FC Banner Generator!


Here’s how to grab the banners:

1. Go to “Promotion” in your FC admin
2. Click “Banners”
3. Upload the pic you want to use for your banner
4. Choose the promo type (Tip me 69, 69 Me to Win, etc.)
5. Click “Download As” to select the social media channel you want to use.
6. Post, post, post!!!

We don’t want anyone getting bored, so we’re going to keep adding new banners for the Lambo contest to keep your fans engaged and $pending. Don’t forget to keep checking to see what promo options we’ll come up with next!

(Don’t forget, our latest swag giveaway is allllll about who’s topping the leaderboard in $69 tips, so this is the BEST time to keep reminding your fans!)

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