All About Pride — Part One!

June is Pride Month, the time to let your true colors shine! Because this is YOUR platform, we wanted to share the best quotes about owning your sexuality and being true to yourself submitted by members of the FanCentro Tribe.

In fact, we had so many inspiring responses, we had to split them into two! Check out what some FanCentro influencers have to say about how exploring and embracing their sexuality has changed their lives, and stay tuned for more amazing quotes in Part Two!

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Let’s hear about your pride…


Crystal Cream

Exploring my sexuality opened a whole new world for me, not just in my personal life but for my career path also. Performing and entertaining has always been a huge part of my life and being able to incorporate and embrace my sexuality while still being able to entertain people everyday is just an absolute blessing. #pride all the way. 


Exploring and embracing my sexuality has changed my life in many ways. One, it’s obviously allowed me to pursue a career in sex work via webcam and modeling. But the more meaningful changes have been internal for me. I struggled a lot in my youth with insecurities and held a lot of negative feelings toward my body, my appearance, and myself as a whole. I had been my worst enemy for a very long time, so choosing this career path was especially challenging for me in the beginning. But as time progressed, I learned to love myself, by myself. From the inside out. In addition to that, working with other members of this community, helped me learn to receive love from the outside in (no pun intended haha). I learned to accept kind words and compliments when they’re given, and to finally believe people when they call be beautiful.

There is no greater superpower in this life then confidence. It will attract the kindest people and the best opportunities.  Embracing my sexuality forced me to choose confidence. And that has been one of the greatest gifts of my lifetime.

Ginger Banks

Exploring and embracing my sexuality has made me a more powerful and happy woman.


Dani Daniels

It’s made me confident in who I am, happier, and glad I did it! Porn also gave me the ability to explore safely and allowed me to try everything that gave me the freedom and confidence to get married…after trying everything I wanted I found a partner that was my sexual soulmate, and never feel the desire to cheat or explore…because I’ve done everything I wanted to.

Ally Katt

Being Bisexual/pansexual has helped me meet so many exciting people to be around and made me comfortable with being so open-minded.

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