Up Close and Personal –One-on-one content and why it’s a great strategy

In the adult industry, you tend to think of things in bulk–what’s going to be most appealing to a large audience? What are most of my fans looking for? But the truth is, even if you’re selling to a large audience, your fans don’t want to feel like they’re part of a big group, they want to feel an intimate and one-on-one connection with YOU! That’s why sending personal content every so often is a great idea!

How can I make my fans feel special?

It’s easy! When was the last time you send an individual photo to your fans without posting it to your story? How often do you post to your Feed?  When you touch base with your subscribers and give them a little bit of personal attention, your engagement is going to soar! Don’t make your fanbase feel like they aren’t special–give them exclusive content whenever you can, to make sure that they’re feeling (and loving!) the TLC.

Feed them a discount

You may not know it, but when you post new content to your Feed, or enable a discount, your fans get notified via email! That means they have a front row seat to everything you do on your profile, so make sure you’re handing out little treats every now and then.

Stay informed

FanCentro has a ton of cool features and (spoiler alert) we’re about to rock your world with some new tools in 2020. Make sure you’re following our socials so you can stay in the loop about everything we have to offer. The tools are all carefully designed to help you reach your fanbase and make the most money possible, so use them! Keep checking in with us to see what new tricks we’ve got up our sleeve.

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