Happy International Sex Workers’ Rights Day!

International Sex Workers’ Rights Day 

You may not have realized that today, March 3rd, marks a major day of recognition for sex workers’ rights. This annual holiday began in 2001 when an event was organized in India by Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, a large Calcutta based sex worker group.


Annual Awareness 

Now every year on this day, sex workers and activists organize protests, gatherings, art shows, and lectures worldwide. They do this to raise awareness about the human rights abuses sex workers face around the world. It’s a commemoration of sex worker rights and a celebration of such a resilient community.


Human Rights

When sex work is criminalized, workplaces for sex workers are not regulated by national labor laws. The workers are even more susceptible to exploitative working conditions. This must end. When we secure rights for sex workers, we are taking a stand for universal human rights. Sex workers’ rights are human rights.


Sex work is work. Let’s work together to end the stigma.  


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