Connect With Other Models and Get Your Content Seen With Fancentro Telegram Groups

Join FanCentro’s Telegram Group And Connect With Other Influencers!


When you’re making your living as an influencer earning money on social media, there’s one aspect that people don’t often consider…it can be LONELY! In the adult industry in particular, it can be hard to put yourself out there every day. You may also have questions that Google can’t always answer. Working alone with limited resources can make facing setbacks really difficult. We get that.  

To help bring Fancentro models and influencers together, we’ve created Telegram groups specifically designed to let you chat with other models. 

In these groups you can grab sfs opportunities and feel more connected to others who know exactly what you’re going through as you’re building your fanbase & creating new content. Exchanging sfs with other models is an amazing way to help your content get seen by a wider audience which will help you grow your business fast. 



What are the different types of groups?


The FC Tribe group is the perfect space, similar to an open forum, to talk with other influencers. Here you can ask any questions/share any doubts and get firsthand info from other FC influencers. 

The SFS group is the place for networking with other FC influencers. Find other influencers & share your followings and reach- in this group you can work out ways to help promote each other.


How Do I Join?


First things first, download the Telegram app and set up your account. Once you’re in, fill in the form, so we can add you to the group. We take the time to make sure that every model who requests to join the group is a Fancentro verified model. 



Are there other ways to join?


You can shoot us a message and a member of our support team will be happy to help you into the group.


How Should I Contact You?


Here are three options:

  1. Send an email to support at
  2. Contact the support team via Live Chat in your Admin Page
  3. Social media — slide into our Instagram or Twitter DMs, and we’ll be happy to get you started.


Are There Rules?

  • Good Vibes Only! We promote positive discussions and healthy dialogues, so leave drama at the door. 😉 We also limit s4s to our special s4s group. So just be mindful of what you’re posting, and you’re golden.
  • Be friendly and respectful of each other. Any harassment, bullying, or intentional spam will result in termination of access to the group.
  • No promo from other platforms is allowed.
  • Mentions of third party platforms (f.e. Onlyfans, Fansly, F2F… ) are allowed as long as no links are attached to the message. Messages that include links will be removed.


That’s it! Happy chatting!!!


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