Fall In Love With Livestreaming (It’s time to start going LIVE)

For creators ready to grab attention and build a following, it’s a good idea to find content platforms that offer both the intimacy of direct messaging and easy access of live streaming. Live streaming is about more than putting on a show and seeing who shows up. With the same strategic mindset and consistency applied to DMs, going live can completely vamp up your earnings and engagement. What happens when you go live on Fancentro? 


Fans Direct, You Earn

Make sure to create a tip menu before you go live. You can make things more interesting and reward your fans with a list of perks you’ll perform for the right price. This takes the pressure off you to plan or script a whole show and gives you the guarantee of earning while you stream. 

Convert Followers to Subscribers

When you start streaming, apply the setting that makes your live accessible to all fans- followers and subscribers. When you get to a heated moment, you can switch the settings making it viewable only to paying subscribers- converting every fan who wants to see more. 


Steal the Spotlight on the FC Directory Story Highlights


The Fancentro directory offers equal opportunity exposure for all creators. Discover feed posts appear in chronological order. As it’s constantly refreshing, many creators can be at the top of the feed throughout the day. When you go live your profile shows at the top of the discovery feed as one of the first story highlights, perfect for immediate attention from new fans.

Plan for passive income

By screen recording your live shows, you can make passive income later. After the live, try marketing the clip to fans who didn’t come. This is a solid way to get more out of the time spent streaming! It’s a huge win and doesn’t require much extra effort.


Get regular viewers; build a routine with your fans.

As Little Dutch (a camming pro) said in the Live Q&A on our YouTube, pick a time(s) and day(s) every week that you will go live and commit to always being there no matter how many fans attend. Consistency will help to build trust.

Make sure to advertise the live with multiple social media promos so that fans know and can plan to be there. This will drastically affect your attendance rate.

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