The TOP 5 Places to Promote Your Content as a Content Creator

Self-promotion is sacred for content creators. By leveraging the power of a large social media following across different platforms, you tap into a constant flow of traffic to your exclusive content on Fancentro. Every social media platform exists as its own world with specific algorithms and terms of service. Uncensored content creators can benefit from knowing how to maneuver around and use each unique platform to grow their audience. Check out our content creator’s cheat sheet for SM Promo:



  • Create GIFs as teasers for your content.
  • Check out RedGIFs trending categories and apply the relevant trending tags to your content to get discovered on high-traffic tabs.
  • Promote your GIFs on RedGIFS-specific subreddits.
  • Add your social media and Fancentro links to your RedGIFs profile to drive traffic and get conversions.


  • Join retweet or SFS groups with other creators
  • Get verified
  • Engage with trending topics, if the tweet is too saturated, respond to the replies with high like/reply ratios. 
  • Give strong CTAs with teaser tweets to boost engagement on every post.
  • Share video to get more engagement per piece of content

Mainstream sites

Fancentro is an inclusive space for creators of all types. Although your content doesn’t need to be explicit or XXX, many creators on Fancentro are successful in this niche. For these creators, posting teasers on main tube sites may be a good idea to drive traffic for paid full-length content and BTS connection. Link your Fancentro page so the uncut content can be found by new fans.


IG (clean account)

  • Make a business account and choose ‘Creator’. This will help you track the status of your account (whether or not you are shadowbanned).
  • Build up your ‘interaction history’ with the following that you already have. Small comments and short DMs are quick ways to boost your interaction history. Low-effort interactions are better than none at all. The algorithm will show your content to the accounts that you interact with the most. 
  • Reels w/ trending sounds
  • Stories are receiving a lot of attention and are a great way to promote safe links as and bring more attention to published posts.
  • Add a trending sound to carousels to make the content more engaging and attract longer view time (which the algorithm favors).



  • Post in regular NSFW subreddits rather than typical content creator promotion subreddits. 
  • Post twice per day in at least 5-6 subreddits.
  • When people upvote your posts they’ll probably check out your profile and you will want that link to be easy to find! Pin a post to your profile with your link and a little bio about your content on Fancentro. 
  • Instead of only posting on subreddits, post about content creation/your niche on your page.


*Pro tip: Natural photos do well on Reddit, so there is no need to post anything with high production or editing.

Your best marketing asset as a creator is to be adaptable. Stay up to date with the changes and look around at what other successful creators are doing to drive traffic to their exclusive content. 


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