Level Up! 5 Tips to Transition from Creator to Entrepreneur

Want to transition from creator to full-blown entrepreneur? You have what it takes, and the tools to elevate your status as a boss baddie are yours for the taking. Here are five things you can start doing NOW to take your creator alter-ego to the next level.


Sell Yourself In Your BIO

First, start your bio by highlighting who you are concisely. This will help fans get the jist of what your content is like even if they don’t read the whole thing. You will be selling your specialties within your content niche.

Then, you can follow up with a more intentional message inviting new fans into your intimate world, and ending your bio with a clear CTA (call-to-action). 

Include all relevant content tags in your bio. (For example, #dutch, #gym, #squirting) This will increase your chances of being shown when fans search for content on Fancentro. 


DM sales Do’s and Don’t’s 

DO get to know your fans and their preferences. If fans are avid tippers and love it when you send content that feels exclusive to their DMs, they are the perfect candidates to receive locked content via DMs. Always include a personalized message and tell them why they will love the content.

It’s best to avoid sending locked content that is too similar to the content available on your feed. Again, the exclusivity and intentionality behind the content you send by DMs is your biggest selling point.

Engagement Karma

Putting a lot of effort into engagement on your socials has an amazing return on the investment. You will get to know your fans better by paying attention to what content they respond to, and you will increase your content’s favor with algorithms.

By consistently listening and responding to your fans you will ensure that your posts show in your fans’ feeds and that the content will get more positive feedback.

Treat Your Analytics Like GOLD

Look at your stats to figure out your next moves as an entrepreneur. Keep tabs on which subscriptions, locked content, and social media promos get the most action from your fans. Identify trends that signify success. Then, you can pivot your energy to focus on producing more of what is in high demand. The more of this content you offer, the more revenue you’ll bring in.


Give lots of attention to the subscribers you have

While you work on bringing in new leads, and gaining new subscribers, keep up the efforts of tending to your existing subscribers. If you provide an amazing experience for them, you will lock in an incredible skill as a creator- fan retention. Fans love it when you get to know them and can build a genuine connection. 


In summary, to stand out as a content creator and become a total boss, your success lies in the details. By boosting your profile with a special bio, nailing down your DM strategy, learning from stats, engaging intentionally, and giving your fanbase extra attention, you’re setting yourself up for lasting connections.


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