How to Advocate For Yourself and Other Creators

Financial autonomy, sexual freedom, and pride in one’s life are all huge accomplishments to be celebrated in 2024. The more diversity and inclusiveness are prioritized in even the smallest interactions, the more these life-affirming qualities will spread and take global effect. Pride and allyship aren’t just flashing fads but integral pillars of belief that require much intentionality and everyday effort.

Pride is a daily practice


Pride looks different for everyone. Pride is for everyone.


Pride is a commitment to checking in with yourself and honoring your desire without judgment.


Pride is knowing your boundaries and giving yourself the space and freedom to change your mind.


Pride is learning to let yourself be playful with your sexuality!


Pride is learning to extend respect to all types of bodies, identities and preferences.

When speaking about the LGBTQIA+ community, the only people fit for the job are those on the forefront, living their best, most authentic lives, and identifying as participants and allies of the community. 

Meet Val & Alexis Layne:

Alexis: Hai, I’m Alexis! My pronouns are she/her, & I’m carefree, fun-spirited, a Professional Brat  & my room motto is “Good Vibes only!”

Val: I’m Val, a 37 year old trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. I’m a huge geek, almost to the point of being a nerd. I love learning new things and trying out new skills. I’m also a big gear head and used to be an automotive mechanic. 

How did you get into content creation?

Alexis: In 2015 my mom got diagnosed with colon cancer & my ex-bf had JUST broken up with me, so I moved back home to take care of my mom. I started selling nudes on Snapchat to pay our electric bill & rent. I signed up for some streaming sites in late 2016 & never looked back!

Val: After I came out and started HRT I started sharing my nudes in some chatrooms and found that I LOVED the attention I got from it. My partner kind of pushed me a bit (and I needed it) to actually start making content and selling it. Found out I loved it even more!

What kind of content do you love to make?

Alexis: Honestly, anything that shows how carefree & goofy I can be! Although I do love to sext & roleplay in my DMs!

Val: Some just topless stuff, but mostly larger toy videos. I’m a bit of a size queen!

What do you love most about filming with each other?

Alexis: We haven’t made much content together as of late but when we were making content together or streaming together I love how we play off of each other, we get really goofy on stream but since we’ve been partners for going on 9 years we sync really well together.

Val: Sadly we do not make too much content together. From scheduling constraints and really just needing a camera person! lol

How would you describe the community of LGBTQIA+ content creators?

Alexis: Diverse, unique, wonderful! There’s a space for everybody on their journey to be a content creator, whether that’s nude, non-nude, fetish friendly or anything in between & I think that’s awesome!

Pride and celebration of diversity can mean something different to everybody. Feeling the safety of being in one’s body is groundbreaking. Why in your body (in your journey towards sexual freedom and exploration) is it a good place to be?

Alexis: I’m in my early 30’s & I am still finding new things that please both my brain & my body, & I would not have had that without the support of my partners (we’re polyamorous, btw!). I went from being a shy, downtrodden “pleasure is forbidden” type of girl to a sexually liberated “the more pleasure the better” type of woman who is not afraid to ask for what she needs!

Val: For me, Coming out as transgender was the only way I was going to feel safe in my own body, even if it meant introducing new risks. I bottled things up for far too long because of growing up in a small town. I really didn’t even know transgender was even a thing until I was well into bottling things up. I was a bit of a closet case LOL.

Do you have any advice for creators who are still looking for their space in the community?

Alexis: Explore your options! I never thought I was any good at sexting until I started to do it! Also, make sure to never stop exploring yourself along the way, I always say “I’m kink-friendly & love to explore my own kinks, let’s sexplore!” It’s a wide world of content creation, there’s all kinds of things to do! As far as LGBT+ goes, I think we’re more adventurous in sex & our bodies in general.

Val: Just be yourself and try to find like minded people. Chances of you being “the only one” that feels a certain way is next to impossible.

Any tips for communication, setting boundaries, and bringing out each other’s strengths? 

Alexis: We’re polyamorous so communication is a HUGE thing with us, don’t be afraid to ask, tell or show if you have an issue arise! Setting boundaries is something I struggle with but have gotten better with over time, the more boundaries you set the easier it is to do.

I’m a people pleaser, so saying “no” is hard for me but it does actually get easier the more you practice it. I think even now we’re still learning how to bring out each other’s strengths but it’s important to really be there for your partners.

Val: Communication is key in everything. Being in a poly relationship has definitely taught me that. Be true to yourself and be 100% open and honest with your partner(s). That’s in everything, wants, needs, ideas, boundaries, etc.

What does allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community mean to you? /Can you share a way that you have felt supported by the community? (–this can help those who are unsure how to be an ally understand what is actually meaningful and supportive)

Alexis: I’ve always known I was bisexual (& later figuring out I was actually pansexual) & this community has been a huge support to me. However, I do think that erasure even within the community still happens (bi-erasure, trans-erasure, etc.) & it’s really hurtful to have members of my own community say you’re a bad person, you don’t exist, “it’s either one or the other” etc.

Just being accepted by our own community is a huge support, as well as – learn to try to expand your views. I’m much more receptive to you trying to expand your views & at least attempting to use correct pronouns, names, etc. than if you staunchly refuse. Do your own research, don’t expect us to be a walking encyclopedia to explain everything to you. Google is free, use it, THEN come to us if you have specific questions!

Val: Want to be an ally? Just don’t be a dick. Be supportive. You may not “get” some people, but you can still support how they live and help stand up to people that would hurt us.


Meet Finn Berns (he/him), 22 years old


Finn: Hello! My name is Finn Berns (he/him) and i am 22 years old, I am a very happy, kind, and loving person, I love my work as a hairdresser but also as a content creator. I also love to go on vacation and to go out with friends and have a good time.

How did you get into content creation?

Finn: I always love making pictures and videos of myself, but just always on Instagram, then a good friend told me about Fancentro and I was sold! Taking pictures of yourself and getting money for it?! It was the perfect combination.

What content do you love to make?

Finn: I like to make everyday pictures (SFW), and tease sexy photos (NSFW), i like to challenge people and attract them to me, making it worth their while.

How would you describe the community of LGBTQIA+ content creators?

Finn: I think the community is beautiful among the creators, everyone is free to do what they want, also I like that everyone is so accepted.

Pride and celebration of diversity can mean something different to everybody. Feeling the safety of being in one’s body is groundbreaking. Why in your body (in your journey towards sexual freedom and exploration) is it a good place to be?

Finn: A good place for me to be is with my friends and definitely my family, they accept me who I am, and they let me do what I love to do.

Because making content on platforms, people like to give you a negative “name”, but I don’t care personally.

Do you have any advice for creators who are still looking for their space in the community?


Finn: My advice for people in the community looking for their place, is to look at what attracts you and what makes you happy, this is something that I did when I first started to make content, and most important of all, do not let anyone or anything tell you what to do!, YOU DO YOU!”


Creators bringing more visibility to the full spectrum of sexuality cannot be highlighted enough. It’s been said that adult content has heavily shaped the landscape of culture’s relationship with sex. Creators are introducing more diversity and a greater representation of fluid/abstract sexuality with their content! This is important work for the movement for a more sexually safe and liberated society.


For creators, liberation isn’t a month-long celebration, but a lifestyle and commitment to authenticity and rewriting old narratives about what it means to be a sexual being. You deserve to be proud EVERY DAY. 


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