Speak Your Fans’ Love Language – Physical Touch

It’s the final day in our Love Language series, and we’ve come to one of the trickiest Love Languages of all: Physical Touch. Easy in a relationship? Sure! Easy for your fans…no.


So let’s dive into some tactics for dealing with fans who want nothing more than to get their hands on you (which is probably all of them, to be honest!)


For Your Fans


Okay, so obviously you can’t be literal about this particular Love Language when it comes to your fans, so we’re going to have to get creative. One trick for dealing with fans who respond to physical touch is recreating the sensation of touch and giving them a similar vibe during your show. How can you do that?


Go Mobile

Maybe fans can’t physically touch you, but they can see you responding to their touch. How? Well technology is amazing, and there are tons of app-controlled toys on the market! 


How does this work? You could, for example, have a giveaway, hold a contest, or choose a fan based on tips; the selection process is up to you. Then get a toy that has the option of remote (preferably via app) controls. You can do a public show or go one-on-one and send a special video right to that particular fan so they can see exactly what effect their ‘touch’ has on you!


Be Their Hands


Another option is to draw on the principles of good ol’ phone sex. Taking fan suggestions is a great way to simulate touch, and if you want to get really creative, offer a fan the opportunity to write a script for your next show–they get to direct and then see the rewards of their work. While they’re not literally touching you, it’s still likely to be hot enough to satisfy their need for this love language.


In Your Relationship


Okay, hard part’s over, let’s talk about how to incorporate physical touch into your everyday relationship. I know what you’re thinking…how hard is it to touch someone? But that’s not the whole story for people who speak this love language.


Think Small


We’ve talked a lot about intent in this series, and physical touch is no different. People who crave touch aren’t always after sex, just like people who respond to gifts aren’t after big ticket items. What they want is the intimacy touch provides, and that can be as simple as holding hands in public. It’s more about being acknowledged, rather than seeking pure pleasure, and a small gesture can go a very long way.


Make it Second Nature

Being a physical person isn’t necessarily a sexual thing. Some people are touchy-feely and some people aren’t. Some people are fine cuddling up with a spouse, but would never hug anyone else. When it comes to a partner who craves physical touch, getting into the habit of getting handsy can help you satisfy their needs without sacrificing too much comfort. Touch their hands, put an arm around their shoulder, or give them a backrub while you watch TV. Those are valuable moments to people who speak the language of touch, and if you learn to practice it regularly you’ll be fluent in no time.

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