Speak Your Fans’ Love Language – Quality Time

It’s easy to take quality time for granted; let’s face it, we’re all busy. But if you’re in a relationship with someone who speaks this particular love language, not getting that one-on-one time can lead to painful feelings of rejection. And even though you’ll likely never see them face-to-face, the same goes for fans! Quality time is all about making meaningful connections and letting your partner (or fans!) know that you’re there for them.


For Your Fans:


Mass DMs: Quality Time that saves YOU time



If you’re working with fans that cherish time spent with you, DMs are your absolute best friend. Sending a mass DM with a piece of locked content will show you exactly who speaks the language of Quality Time. The key here is to work on what they ARE seeing in order to make sure they’ll take that next step and buy your content. Make your text super personal (even if it’s going to 500 people). “I really want you to see this…” or “I made this for you…” are phrases that suggest intimacy, so your Quality Time fans are going to want to keep clicking and see what’s in store for them.


Get Real in Shows



A while back we talked about what makes a show intimate, and this is a great resource to check out every once in a while. While it certainly won’t be the case for every show you do, taking a step back and giving fans a deeper look at who you are as a person is a great way to change showtime into quality time. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, talk honestly, and really bring them into your life. While you can’t see your fans, for them it’s truly a one-on-one experience, so take the time to speak to them.


In Your Relationship


Quality Over Quantity



It’s obviously easier to spend true quality time with your partner than with your fans, but that’s only if you understand the key word: quality


Quality time can be anything from date night to doing the dishes together as long as you’re truly present and committed to the person you’re with. (A good test is how many times you pick up your phone!) Being there isn’t the same as being present, but once you understand how to fully commit yourself to someone who speaks in quality time, the easier it will be to give it to them. Make every moment meaningful, fill your time together with honest conversation, and those connections will start to work for you even when you’re apart.


Time Apart is as Important as Time Together


You can’t have lightness without dark, beauty without ugly, or quality time without time apart. One way to make sure that your quality time is truly special is allowing yourselves to spend some time away from your significant other. No one does well spending every minute of every day with another person, no matter how much you love them, and trying to force the issue could end up in a pair of pissed-off people. We talked about the idea of “me time” in “Six Secrets to Self Love” and this is another instance where practicing it is a great idea. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so to truly experience quality time, get ready to spend some time apart. And make sure that your partner understands that when you tell them you want to be alone for a while it’s not a slight, but a necessity.

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