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Preparation for COVID19

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen distressing reports about the spread of the novel coronavirus around the world. Travel restrictions have already been put in place, affecting travel to and from Italy and similar restrictions affecting the United States are increasing in likelihood should this virus progress. A WHO-certified pandemic could cause major disruptions to the production of adult entertainment and, most importantly, to the livelihood of adult performers.

We must be prepared. Many of the workers in our industry do not have the benefit of sick days or insurance for cancelled shoots. Rent, mobile data plans, and other expenses must be met.

To help keep adult performers earning, FanCentro has created a contingency plan for those affected by disruption:


For studio performers who are unable to work or concerned about future work:

We have created an expedited on-boarding process, which will not only help you get an account set up and approved, but will allow you to work directly with a FanCentro representative to answer questions and provide tips about how to monetise your social media fanbase This can provide crucial income in the event of cancellations or other work disruption. To give you a little extra help getting started, we’ll also give you an extra 5% payout for the first 3 months!

If you signup and join the Coronavirus Campaign you’ll receive 90% payouts for the first thirty days.


For new and existing FanCentro influencers whose work has been impacted by travel bans, cancelled shoots or other secondary effects of the virus:

We will work to increase promotion of your content, both through our social media content, mailers and on-site promotion. (Such promotion will not include any language about COVID19 so as not to be stigmatising or revealing.) We are contacting influencers in affected areas such as Italy directly but the outreach may be incomplete. 


If any of the above applies, please contact us at


Protection for COVID-19 | FanCentro


This is a unique situation for all of us and we are aware that there may yet be implications that have not been considered. We ask that influencers and other adult performers that are affected contact us via social media or otherwise keep us informed.


FanCentro will always be a performer-powered and performer-centred organisation. We are hoping that the livelihood of performers is not adversely affected by the novel coronavirus, but should it be, we are eager to understand any ways we can help.


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