Income Tax Basics for American Adult Content Creators

Second Chance to Watch and Learn

Did you accidentally miss the amazingly informative webinar “Income Tax Basics for American Adult Content Creators”? Don’t worry! You can still check it out on CentroU! Keep reading to see what you’ll learn.


Fun and Informative

Katherine Studley taught us so much about taxes for American content creators. She discussed the benefits of saving and planning for your taxes throughout the year and even how to plan your business trips with taxes in mind. Plus, she explained business deductibles you may have never imagined were possible, such as writing off your bedroom as a home office! Katherine said “This is a good opportunity to make A LOT of money. I really want everyone to get themselves set up as a legit small business because there is so much money to be made”. Also, Tilly Toy was our incredible host with so many great personal tips for up and coming content creators. These two fantastic women managed to make discussions about taxes both informative and enjoyable! Learning about American taxes has never been this fun before!


What was discussed?

  • The difference between 1099 and W-2 income
  • Schedule C – part of an individual tax return or a separate return?
  • Business expenses and knowing what counts as a business expense
  • The difference between a tax credit/deduction/expense
  • Quarterly estimated tax payments
  • How to deduct a portion of rent, utilities, and phone bill
  • What happens if you don’t file your tax return
  • What happens if you can’t pay your tax bill
  • How to set yourself up for next year’s tax season
  • Setting up an LLC and if you should do it

Everything is at CentroU!

You can always rewatch everything at CentroU. Go check out this very helpful webinar plus so much more! CentroU always has all the best webinars and courses available to help you grow your business even more!


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