The Power of Content Planning for Content Creators

Let’s keep enjoying the Summer, and find a way to bring the good vibes through to the rest of the year! Finally after a long time of idolizing the “workhorse” boss babe, society is starting to pump the brakes, noticing a huge group of young business people feeling burnt out. It’s been argued that maybe scheduling yourself *too strictly* and feeling like you don’t have enough time can lead to anxiety and can induce a feeling of ‘frozenness’ causing a bit of apathy and actually a lack of productivity. So, how is anybody supposed to get anything done? It’s obviously important to have some structure, but if too much structure isn’t a good thing, how do you find a balance and create the perfect work/life flow?


We’ve talked about content-batching before which will come in handy, because one strategy that comes highly recommended for staying productive without being too busy is to schedule your responsibilities back to back, and then leave a good chunk of time free/’unscheduled’, to spend doing hobbies, acts of self-care, spending time with friends and family etc.


To help out, let’s create an imaginary week to week schedule, which you can always customize to meet your own individual needs!


Then, you’ll know you’ve organized yourself well enough to have time for all of your responsibilities and time to take care of yourself too!

Remember this is just an example- if you have additional tasks to add, you can arrange the schedule to fit them, or if you need an extra hand, be sure to reach out to our success coaches for some advice on how to structure your week.

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