3 Easy Steps to Increase Engagement with SFS


Not only is it important to connect with other influencers to get support and ask questions/share doubts, but you guys can help each other grow. Sharing is caring! The days of having a competitive nature, and being afraid to share your success with others, are over!


It’s amazing to have social media to advertise and market your content, but now there are more hoops to jump through to actually grow your following organically.


With the new algorithms in place, one of the best ways to get more exposure is to have people introduce you and your content to their following. And of course, you will do the same for them! You will both expand your circle of followers. It’s an incredible deal!


Setting up a basic SFS agreement that’s a win-win for everyone involved:


  1. Get connected with the community of influencers who are also building their fanbase. There’s always IG and TW but a more direct way to find other models to network with is by joining our Telegram groups!
  2. Figure out what you’re willing to offer, so you can propose a SFS in the telegram groups that’s mutually beneficial for you and other influencers.
  3. Pick a platform(s) to do the SFS
  4. Decide what type of shoutout you are going to exchange- IG stories, Original Tweet, Retweet, Fancentro Feed Post etc.
  5. Agree on the duration of the promo
  6. Decide whether it will be a free exchange or if you are going to exchange something additional. (Payment is not always necessary but it’s up to you and who you partner with to decide on the terms).


Something to keep in mind:

if you have 3,000 followers on IG, it would make most sense to collaborate with someone who has a following around the same size as yours. Neither of you has to have a big following for this to work! The secret to the success of SFS is that you are getting exposure & expanding your reach by having someone else promote you to a circle of people that you couldn’t reach on your own!

  1. Simply send a message into the SFS group sharing what kind of exchange you’re interested in on telegram. Then, wait for the connections to form & the networking opportunities to open up to you!


Jumping on this strategy is a no-brainer! The more people who are exposed to your content, the more your following will grow. Collaborating with other creators and doing SFS is one of the only ways to organically grow your following these days on SM, so it’s definitely worth putting yourself out there and trying it out. PLUS, you’ll gain a community of creators to depend on and build relationships with which is important when you’re running a business from home. 

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