5 Tips for Fancentro

You’ve got the hot content and we’ve got the tips for getting it out there & growing your business. Our teamwork is a match made in content creator heaven. While there isn’t a one size fits all recipe for success, we’ve got some quick tips from our amazing Fancentro success coaches that you can start using TODAY to start growing & owning the Fancentro scene! Let’s do it!

Tip 1: Decide on how often you will post!


Since connection is one of the biggest reasons that people are going to seek you out, this is one of the most important things to consider. To sustain connection, consistency is important. So, the first stop on the road to success is figuring out a posting schedule. Maybe you’ve already got a nice archive of pics and clips that you can pull from to share with your fans. Amazing! But you don’t have to post them all at once. If you need help organizing your content, you can always check out this fun “themed posting” guideline we created. Another great idea is to look at the top content creators out there and to take note of how often they are posting and promoting themselves on SM. Everyone has their own way and flow but one thing all successful creators have in common is that they are consistent!


Tip 2: Figure out pricing!


If you ‘re having some difficulty knowing how to price your content when you’re just starting out, it can be hard to find references. One of the best ways to get advice on this is by taking advantage of the Fancentro support team. When you join, you have access to a full panel of sales experts 24/7, who want to see you killing it and would love to help you create a pricing plan. 


Another amazing thing to do, no matter how long you’ve been a content creator, no matter the amount of fans you have, is to participate in any of the quarterly sales campaigns. While you may have to offer your subscriptions at a discounted price, you will definitely attract a ton more new subscribers, and then they will be loyal fans paying the normal price the following month! Amazing right?


Tip 3: Start promoting yourself on SM!


Thanks to social media’s boom in recent years, starting a business is something that is way more accessible and you are capable of doing it! All you have to do is spend a little time researching how marketing works best for each individual social media platform and develop plans for promoting your content there, so you can drive traffic to your fancentro page. It’s important to commit to always refreshing your knowledge on each platform as terms of service are changing all the time. 


Also you may wanna take advantage of the amazing mysocialhub.io all in one link, that you get as soon as your account is set up and fully verified. This link will be your best friend & all you’ll wanna do is to post it into your bios on each SM platform- that way fans know easily exactly where to find you & purchase your content!


Tip 4: Join the FC Telegram groups


When you join Fancentro, you will be joining an amazing group of creators. Of course speaking with a success coach is always an amazing option, but maybe you’d like to speak with some fellow creators to get their take on how to work as a creator. It’s always good to connect with people who are doing the same things as you and who really understand and can help you work through all of the things that may come up along the way. PLUS you guys can always use these groups to network and do SFS. 


Tip 5: Set Clear Intentions


Last but not least, figure out what you want from creating content and get clear with yourself about the type of content that you actually want to make. It’s all up to you babe!  And, we’ll emphasize again how important connection is in this space, so you gotta be your authentic self. You have total say over how this goes & what you’ll be spending your time doing. There’s no one above you to tell you what or how to do anything. You have total autonomy over the trajectory of your career as a content creator, so with that freedom, when you’re starting out, you can be as creative and open or precise and decided as you’d like to be!


Starting something is always the hardest part, but once you get into the flow, you’ll be hitting your goals before you know it. The best thing is that you’re not alone! You have the entire Fancentro team behind you, supporting you AND you’ve got a whole community of other content creators to learn from and connect with! 

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