Get Creative With Your Halloween Promo

This Halloween, Fancentro is getting in the spirit with a *spooktacular* costume contest. Enjoy creating fun Halloween content and share it with your fans. You’ll get more traffic from being featured on the special Halloween Contest Discovery Page Tab and more engagement as fans vote for your content via likes!


On top of this amazing opportunity to boost traffic and engagement to your page, we’ll be giving away $1000 to THREE winning Creators. To join, all you have to do is create a Halloween-themed post. Get your fans involved in the fun and the win will be a shoo-in. 


The Creators with the 3 top most-voted posts win:

  • $1000 deposited in your FC account.
  • A special WINNER’s CIRCLE email will be sent to the whole Fancentro community (both fans and creators) announcing your victory.
  • Custom shout-outs on our socials.

*Winners will be announced on November 3rd on our socials!


During the contest, your posts will be featured on the Discovery Page’s special Halloween tab, bringing you an amazing source of on-site traffic, and increasing your chances of winning. But, to bring it up, you’re going to want to go all out with creative promos outside of Fancentro. 


Here are some tips for really upping your marketing game and going after that $1K prize.

Go Straight to Their Inbox

Interacting with your fans via email is a great way to make sure that your message catches their attention. Lots of creators love this no-bullshit line of communication with fans, as socials aren’t reliable. Rather than relying on the algorithm or fans’ frequency of being online, you can go straight to the source. Creating a successful mailer for your fans consists of, at a minimum, three very important parts. 

  • A click-bait subject line. (Make sure they open the email!)
  • Info to the point and the incentive. (Tell them what you need & how it can benefit them. EX: Vote for me in the Halloween costume contest and I’ll send you…for free!)
  • A CTA with a link: Remind them again to like the post, and give them the link right in the email. Make it clear what you want and as easy as possible for them to achieve it. 


Cross-promoting with other creators is a great way to get reach. To prove this, all you have to do is go on Twitter and you’ll see the feeds of creators, big and small alike, sharing promo posts and hyping each other up. Some creators charge for promo, but others see it as already inherently mutually beneficial and will be down for the arrangement as a way to help the both of you conquer the competition. If you agree on contest promo SFS, you could split the prize and rake in all of the extra engagement from the energy stirred up with this contest. 

Bringing lots of traffic to your page is a WIN regardless of the contest outcome.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Another tag-team strategy is to create and submit content with another creator for the contest. While this idea does require a splitting of the prize as well, you know it’s one to consider. Fans love collaborative content and it’ll be an attention grabber that could work in your favor. Create content together, submit different pics from the set on your personal Fancentro accounts, and give yourselves double the chance of winning.

Use Analytics to Inspire Your Promo on Socials

When promoting on socials, as always, keep the safety of your accounts as the top priority. You can’t promote your contest entry if your account gets flagged, so, select promo content that falls within the TOS. 

When creating promo content, it is a great strategy to check out your analytics for each social media channel that you run and see what type of content performs best. By replicating certain poses, lighting, and content media types, you can bank on that social content getting more engagement, boosting its reach, which in turn will result in more traffic to your contest post AND more votes.

Send a Mass DM

You’re familiar with Mass DMs as a way to increase external traffic & grow your fanbase. Nothing new here. As always, make it clear and easy for fans to complete the action you’re requesting. 


For example:

Mass DM subject line: Free JOI 🎃

“Hey babe. Treat me to a like/vote on my Halloween costume contest entry post *link* and I’ll treat you to an exclusive free JOI clip. Send me a 🎃 when you’ve done it and I’ll send you the clip.”


Getting fans active in your DMs with an incentive is a great way to engage them and use this contest as more than just a chance to win the prize. 

Entering this contest can result in more profit, as always, babe. Getting fans to participate (in an *extremely* simple way) automatically boosts your traffic and engagement in your DMs – this is where you work to convert them to loyal subscribers and use the moment to upsell more content to them!


“Ghoul-d” Luck to All!


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