Use Stats to Make More Than Ever on Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest spending holiday of the year and the one that, classically, no one can resist. Already, you have a huge advantage knowing that something will be in the air turning fans on to buy like never before. Rather than just going in with the element of favor, we’re going to turn things up a notch and get you stacked with stats from past Black Friday sales. When you build your strategy based on analytics, you can trust that you’ll see results.

Let’s take a look at the trends and behaviors of fans during the Black Friday sales from 2019-2022. We’ll cover a lot of ground ranging from most common purchases, top spending GEOs, and high traffic times on the site.


Let the data shape your strategy:


  • Recurring subscriptions steal the show!

    We LOVE TO SEE IT. One of THE biggest scores during a sale is growing your fan base with NEW fans. This should be the target goal of your strategy. The perks of rollover with recurring subs set you up for rebilling long-term at full price. Fans are more eager to commit if the price is right while Black Friday sales are running.

  • Expired fans come back for more with restored subscriptions!

    In addition to acquiring new fans, you’ll also want to focus on getting existing fans to come back and resubscribe at the amazing price you’re offering. Reach out to your fans with expired subscriptions, letting them know that you miss them and have a deal they don’t want to miss out on.

  • TIPS like never before because you’re worth it!

    Since this holiday is a spender’s delight, fans are more likely to be generous in treating themselves, and you! The stats show that there were lots of tips being sent during Black Friday in previous years. Let your fans spoil you, you totally deserve it! Fans may even want to pay for pricier customs using tips. This is an amazing way to bring in additional earnings.


TOP Black Friday GEOs:

For the most part, fans from the United States have accounted for at least half of sales made during Black Friday. Next in line were Germany and the Netherlands. This info can come in handy for you as you cater your marketing strategy and outreach that you plan on doing to promote yourself.


High-traffic times:

Everything is all about being at the right place at the right time. When it comes to Black Friday, we think this statistic will be the secret weapon for your most effective sales strategy yet. While there is no guarantee that the trends will repeat themself exactly, you can use these as a framework. We recommend planning to be online and engaging with fans AND having promo scheduled on your socials between 7-11 PM. The days of the week show that fans acted on DAY-OF for Black Friday, and then the sales spiked at the very end of the sale period. This proves that if you keep the promo fire burning throughout the whole time, you’ll reap the benefit of huge earnings.

When you set your intentions and a straightforward action you can count on having this Black Friday sale in the bag. Now, let’s go make some BANK!


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