More Intimacy, More Income with Creator Calls

We’ve released a new feature with an opportunity to connect with your fans like never before. Take fans deeper into your intimate world as a creator with the ‘Calls’ feature. Get paid-per-minute and give your community exclusive access to 1:1 video/audio time with you. The potential for your success and your fans’ boosted loyalty with this feature is a win-win. Let’s dive into the immediate benefits you’ll reap when you activate calls. 


Why Should You Start Using The New Calls Feature?


Fans preload their ‘wallet’ with tokens to ensure easy and guaranteed pay-flow straight to you.


For your fans to try to call you, they need to top up their calls wallets. Otherwise, the call request will not go through. Fans need to have at least your minimum price per minute in their wallet. This function of the calls feature is perfect for ensuring that you’re compensated accordingly for such top-tier access to your undivided time and attention.  


Charge a base price per minute and use the tips function of the feature to make even more during the call.


You already get to set the terms for how much each minute on a call is worth. If you want to offer fans the chance to ‘order’ specific actions or services (roleplay, LIVE JOI, etc.) you can charge for additional perks and have fans pay you via tips during the call. Since you are providing things live, charge accordingly. You deserve it. 


To avoid making pricing decisions spontaneously, you can create a pricing menu to refer to. You can still adjust pricing in real-time, but it’s good to have a non-negotiable minimum price set for any services you may provide on a call.


The intimacy of a 1:1 call can create a lasting connection with your fans and take their fandom to another level.


Fans are always appreciative of feeling close to you and included in your life. Offering a video/voice call option is a huge deal, as it cuts down the barrier that can come with pre-recorded clips and DMs. When your fans get the “real you” live, a genuine moment is exchanged which creates trust and depth that will echo in all future encounters. 

The future of your career as a content creator is calling. Take advantage of the limitless potential for more income and deep connection with your fans. Once you’re set up with the feature make sure you up your promo game; your fans are going to go wild when you drop the news.


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