King's Day with Fancentro

Take Fandom to A New Level With King’s Day

The Dutch love their King… and love to party even more! They created an entire holiday just to celebrate the King’s birthday and shut things down for the day to enjoy life. Regardless of being Dutch or not, everyone deserves to live luxuriously now and then. We’re getting in that King’s Day spirit and have a sale to help both you and your fans feel festive. Join the sale and reap the benefits of a growing fanbase and your incoming boss status.


The King’s Day Sale is about to go live. Why should everyone jump on the opportunity to join?


Special Directory Promo 


With the super-scrollable Fancentro Discovery Feed, getting traffic to your page is always favorable, no matter what kind of creator you are. But being at the top of the feed is a spot that any creator strives for. During King’s Day, in honor of the sale and to ‘reward’ the creators who get in the spirit, we will have a festive Directory Page to promote participating creators.

If you want to steal the spotlight and catch the attention of fans scrolling through the directory, make public video posts during the sale period. Go all out with your orange-out promo content and you just might be crowned King’s Day Directory Royalty. 


Expand Your Fan Base to New Geos


If you need an excuse to celebrate King’s Day as a non-Dutch content creator (aside from FOMO) look at it as an opportunity to break out of your usual GEO and tap into a whole new fanbase. If you celebrate the holiday with a sale & join in on all of the orange promotional hype, you will most definitely catch the eye of new Dutch fans, or fans of other creators opting in.

Just like the crowded streets of Amsterdam, the more the merrier when it comes to your fanbase, right? Any excuse to make new connections and sell more content is a good one. Make a welcome video to add to your page to greet new fans who join you from the sale.


Being Generous Is a Two-Way Street 


Offering your big ticket items (AKA your most pricey subscriptions) at a generous 75% off has a great payoff. As the technique goes, making something exclusively accessible for a limited time will create desire/dependency. When they get used to the value, fans are more likely to invest full price into your most expensive content plans even after the sale period has ended and their discount has expired. Give them a taste of your top-tier subscription plan and they’ll be hooked.


Don’t get King’s Day FOMO. It’s bound to be one of the BIGGEST, most profitable of the year so make sure to go WILD with King’s Day PROMO.


Join the sale and make sure to check out this additional guide on how to squeeze the most engagement possible out of this King’s Day Sale!


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