Get Your Fans Obsessed: How to Create a GFE Subscription

Spring is the perfect time for fans to scope out their prospects for a Summer fling. As a content creator, this is your moment to build a new subscription option and develop more intimacy and loyalty with your fans. Offering a GFE (girlfriend experience) may require a lot of attention but, when you set the terms and the price to suit your emotional availability and financial interests, this may be a subscription offer that you keep around for good.

What is a GFE? A girlfriend experience is a subscription option that can vary per creator. Regardless of what perks are offered, all GFE subscriptions give your fans more of your attention and personalized, intimate content.

What do fans want out of a GFE/ why does it work? A GFE is perfect for fans who want to go beyond the thirst traps and XXX content to develop a genuine connection with their favorite creators. Content creators who offer the intimacy of a full-service GFE create a safe space for their fans to express themselves and be seen. Getting to experience this kind of openness without a real-life commitment is highly appreciated and something that many people are happy to invest in. 


Still trying to figure out where to start or what to offer? You can completely customize your GFE subscription tiers but here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Ready to create your internet girlfriend alter ego?


This is the most lowkey a GFE can get. It’s not too involved, but it ensures that your fan gets cute new material from you every day.


  • Good morning text & selfie
  • Good night text & selfie



You’re new to the commitment and it’s fresh. The depth might not be there, but the arousal and the neediness are. You want to spend every minute together and build as much sexual tension as possible. 


  • Good morning message & selfie
  • DMs throughout the day
  • Sexting (for extra $)
  • Goodnight video 
  • Panties (for extra $)


The relationship has passed a few tests and now the regular hookup vibe is losing its spice. You trust each other enough to bring your kinks into the mix and are ready for more roleplay. The perks of this type of subscription will vary as a wide array of kinks could be applicable and require different means of engagement.


  • Roleplay VMs 
  • Kinky costume (latex, leather, boots, etc.) photo set
  • Instruction VMs (CBT, CEI, etc.)

You’re still into keeping things hot, but the relationship relies more on the emotional depth and connection that you have established. You’re investing a lot more energy but it’s worth it because there is an established trust and the element of consistency is extremely valuable ($) for the relationship.


  • Good morning text & selfie
  • Frequent daily messaging
  • Calls
  • Snaps throughout the day
  • Good night text & selfie
  • Sexting (for extra $)


Setting your pricing for each subscription tier is a personal choice. Still, with the help of our success coaches, you can ensure that you’re getting (competitive) well-deserved payment for all of the work required for a GFE (girlfriend experience). 

Set up a call with a success coach at for one-on-one advice from an expert! Time to find your Summer Fan Fling!


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