5 Easy Steps to Earn MORE as a Content Creator This Spring!

Give your content biz a refresh with a few simple steps to optimize your engagement, traffic, and income flow. The best way to boost your results doesn’t require big financial investments into new equipment or outfits, but rather, doing a quick audit on your current strategy and looking around at other successful creators for inspiration on how to glow up and grow your fan base. Let’s get into it!



Follow mainstream accounts (on social platforms like IG and TikTok) that post viral content to stay on top of what sounds and trends to use when creating your content. Study and mimic these accounts as much as possible. You’ll notice that even creators on mainstream XXX content sites are achieving influencer-level followings and boosting engagement to their content by staying on top of trends and keeping their accounts very clean.

Pro Tip: To have as much availability as possible to film trending content while it’s hot, you’ll want to streamline your other content responsibilities. Here’s a guide for organizing your time as a creator.



The secret to having a successful traffic funnel from your ‘riskier’ socials to your spicy content is to get your clicks-to-links safety ratio on lock. The most important thing is that your fans have to make (at least) 3 clicks to get from your IG bio to your NSFW link.

IG Bio > @ of your Private/Backup IG account > Safe link lander > NSFW link
With Fancentro you automatically have access to a link platform Mysocialhub.io. Our success coaches also recommend using Direct.me.


This Spring, revamp your bio and welcome video to make your FC page stand out.  Since most of the best content on your feed will be locked, give your fans a taste of what they can expect when they subscribe.  

Pro tip: Creating a visually appealing tip menu and pinning it to the top of your page is a great way for fans to see what perks you offer with pricing and can “order and pay” with tips as they please. This ensures that fans are activated to give and you see more earnings than ever. 



All of the content you have in your library is literal gold! We always emphasize how important it is to put out content, stay active, and work on upselling in your DMs. All of these strategies apply to fresh selling new and old content. Working with what you have is the key to making passive income.

Longer days and rejuvenated energy bring more motivation and space to create new habits. Getting your base level on lock is the perfect place to start. Your new fans are waiting! For more tips on success as a creator, contact one of our success coaches at success@fancentro.com

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