Make Valentine’s Day Payday

If you are ready to take your fans from feeling love at first sight, to long-term obsession, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make your move. Strengthen the connection with your followers with a special love-day promo!


What inspires a follower to say yes to full-blown loyalty? To help you get creative, check out some tricks for converting fans into subscribers.


Tease & reel in with an incentive:

A discounted subscription for Valentine’s Day is the perfect incentive for fans longing for extra connection on this holiday all about love. Making your followers feel seen and promoting the value they add to your life will not go unappreciated. Build up the holiday hype and create memories that will inspire subscribers to say yes to (subscriptions) forever.

Girlfriend Experience:

Many fans visit content platforms looking for deep and meaningful connections. A GFE (girlfriend experience) is the perfect subscription option for fans who desire a creator-fan relationship that is more intentional. Since this type of ‘commitment’ provides more content perks, more creator availability, and emulates a feeling of being prioritized, fans are willing to invest more.

As Valentine’s Day activates the desire for good morning texts and special photos, a profitable response may be to show your fans the love, offering this subscription with the $14 Valentine’s Day discount.

Collaborate with other creators:

Whether it’s simply an SFS exchange or actually getting down to it and collaborating on content that you can offer fans, a “teamwork makes the dream work” situation is always effective in marketing. More reach, more exposure, more love from admiring fans, it’s all going to lead to more conversions. You can connect with other Fancentro creators when you join our Telegram channels.


Strike while your fans are feeling hot. Get good leverage on more conversions with this sale and bask in the love light of long-term connection with your subscribers.

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