Why Content Creators Should Celebrate Every Holiday With Fans

Start Celebrating EVERY Holiday and Make More Money!


You hear the word “holiday” and usually think of Christmas, right? But we’re talking about allll the holidays around the world! Take a quick peek at your calendar, and you’ll see tons of holidays celebrated in different countries and cultures worldwide. Sure, those may not be the holidays that you celebrate with your loved ones, but we’re thinking about business strategy here. Think about your audience. Where are your fans from? What culture do they belong to? If you focus on their special holidays, they’ll be super appreciative and feel seen by you. (Which means they’ll stay even more loyal to you and keep subscribing!) 


Celebrate Holidays AND Big Events!


For example, the Dutch market is really growing right now. So it’s a good idea to celebrate King’s Day with your Dutch fans even if you personally don’t celebrate it. They’ll love seeing you participating in their culture! What if you have a lot of Brazilian fans? Start celebrating Carnival! And don’t just think about traditional holidays! Celebrate major events in your fans’ countries too, like the Superbowl in the United States or other major sporting events worldwide. Fans will love to see you cheering for their favorite event!


Create New Traditions!


Brainstorm different ways to celebrate with your fans:


  • Greet your fans who celebrate this holiday!
  • Create special holiday content like celebratory videos!
  • Wear holiday themed clothing!
  • Give special holiday discounts!
  • Build a new holiday tradition with your fans, so they want to stay connected year after year!


Make Every Holiday Green!


Your fans and subscribers will be so thankful if you acknowledge and appreciate their cultures. This makes them feel seen by you, and making solid, long term connections with your audience is the key to retaining them. And of course, retaining more of your fans and getting new fans – means more income rolling into your beautiful bank account! So if you want to see more green in your pocket, you should start celebrating EVERY holiday! 



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