How to Make the Most of Your FanCentro Page

Last week we talked about how to price your content. A big part of pricing your content is understanding the exact value you’re offering your fanbase–a concept that can get a bit confusing. Fortunately there is a specific path you can take to not only pinpointing your content’s value, but also translating it into even more sales!


What’s this magical formula called? A value proposition! Let’s take a look at what a value proposition is and how you can create your own to maximize your income.


What is a value proposition? 


A value proposition is simply a way of establishing the main reason why a fan should buy your content and what they will get in return. It evaluates what your product is worth to your client by taking things like cost, competition, and your fans’ motivation into account. A value proposition consists of three main parts:


  1. What problem or situation is your content improving for your fans?
  2. What benefits can your fans expect from you?
  3. Why should they purchase your content over your competitors?


These three elements establish your value proposition. It’s a way of presenting your content based on your fans’ perspective. A value proposition makes it easier to present your content to your fans in a way they can not only quickly understand, but also help convince them that your content is what they’ve been looking for.


Your value proposition and your FanCentro page


Your FanCentro page is the best place to put your value proposition. Because it’s unique to you, your page will allow you to put all the focus on what you offer rather than trying to compete with other influencers on fans’ Twitter or Instagram feeds. Taking the time and care to think about what would convert the most visitors to sales will make all the difference when it comes to new fans. So how do you do it?


A Value proposition in three steps


Now that you have a place for your value proposition, how do you write it? The first thing to do is answer three questions that your fans will be asking themselves when visiting your page.


  1. What benefits will your content bring to your fans?
  2. What is the value of those benefits?
  3. Why are you different?

The key here is that you want to direct these three questions toward your target audience. Your value proposition shouldn’t try to hook everyone who passes by, it should be specifically crafted toward the type of audience you’re looking for. By being specific, you’re more likely to have a higher conversion rate of visits to sales.


Find your demographic


Once you identify your main demographic, be sure you are speaking directly to it. Use language and phrases that would appeal to those fans. Are your fans 18-25 or over 50? Depending on the answer, you’re going to want to identify the key needs of that group and speak directly to it.


Need an Example?


I thought you might! Let’s take a look at Shopify’s value proposition. Now keep in mind, a value proposition isn’t a tagline or a slogan, it’s designed to grab the attention of its target audience.


“Shopify is everything you need to sell everywhere.”


Why is this a great value proposition? It solves a problem for a specific demographic (people who are looking to sell). It promises a solution (you can sell everywhere!). And it offers an all-encompassing solution (it’s everything you need).


Finally? It’s simple. It’s clear and easy to understand in less than five seconds. Simplicity is so important–you don’t want your fans to struggle to know what they’re getting with your content, you want them to read your value proposition and know the answer right away.


Added value

Another important way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to identify any added value you offer your fans. Do you offer personalized content? Send welcome DMs? Share free clips? Any ‘extras’ should be included in your value proposition.


How to format your value proposition

How you format your value proposition is a HUGE part of your success. You want your information to flow well and keep your fans engaged. A clean, simple layout is the best way to go. Again, this is the perfect information to add to your FanCentro page!


A headline: Your headline should be short and engaging to get the attention of your audience.

A subheading: Your subheading should be super specific and offer enticing information about your content.

A description: This description is where the bulk of your information will go, but it shouldn’t be more than a few sentences long. It should have all the details of what your fans can expect from subscribing to your content, plus any extras that you offer.

An image: Since they’re on your page there will already be several images to choose from. You want to be sure that your pics reflect what you’re all about, communicate your brand, and stay in line with your value proposition.


This may seem like a TON of information, but a value proposition is a simple concept that will give you big results. Knowing who you’re speaking to is half the battle to converting casual browsers to fans, and once you are speaking to your audience directly they won’t be able to resist!


Have you come up with a great value proposition for your FanCentro profile? Share it with us! We’d love to see what you create, so email your profile to and you could have your profile linked in a future post AND on the @fancentro socials!

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