Help Us Help You Prevent Social Media Bans

You probably already know that the adult industry is in a difficult position when it comes to sharing content on social media.


With mainstream platforms cracking down on adult creators, there have been more deletions, shadowbans, and suspensions than ever before, and no one knows how or when the next wave will hit. When it does, you definitely don’t want to get caught in the tide.


We’ve been working hard to provide FanCentro influencers with the most up-to-date content regarding social media rules and regs, but even our best advice is only speculation — these platforms can and will eliminate adult content for any and all reasons.


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That’s why we want to hear your experiences. Once we understand exactly how and when you suffered shadowbans, suspensions, or deletions, we’ll be able to offer you better advice for how to protect your account in the future.


How can you help? Take our survey! It only takes a few minutes, and it will provide us with valuable information that will allow us to do more research, come up with more solutions, and help keep you online where you belong.

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