The 7 Must-Have Apps for Content Creation

Secret Hacks Revealed 


You want to be the top content creator you possibly can be. And it seems like all these other creators are effortlessly growing their business and fanbase! What are they doing that you need to know about?! They have secret hacks! And we’ll tell you all about these apps because we’re here to teach you how to edit, market, and dominate the creator space like the ultimate boss babe that you are!


The Top 7 Content Creation Apps 


1. In Shot Video Editor 

This app is used to edit and reformat videos for each social media platform!

  • Edit videos
  • Trim or clip videos
  • Change the format
  • Dub audio
  • Create trailers and teasers
  • Reformat for the platform you’re posting on


2. Cut Story

This app makes it super easy to cut your videos, so you can quickly upload them on social media!

  • Cut full length videos into 55 second clips
  • Easily upload to premium social media
  • Trim videos for any social media platforms



This is the best for creating gorgeous graphics for social media!

  • Perfect for creating beautiful graphics
  • Create beautiful social media graphics
  • Promote sales
  • Get more follows
  • Make cover photos for Twitter or Facebook
  • While they do have an app, the website version is optimal!


4. Canva Stories

This is perfect for creating gorgeous Instagram stories to do promotions online!

  • Much better secondary app from
  • Create stunning Instagram stories
  • Promote whatever you’re selling online


5. ImgPlay

This app makes it easy to create fantastic GIFs from your content!

  • Create GIFs out of your content
  • Select your video clips
    • Trim them
    • Create beautiful GIFs in just a few taps


6. FaceTune

This classic app is the best way to effortlessly edit your photos!

  • Edit your photos to look gorgeous and natural


7. FaceTune Video

This app makes your videos look positively perfect!

  • Make your content airbrushed and flawless
  • Make your content look perfect and polished


The Ultimate Toolbox


Now you have all the tools you need to boost your business and make even more money! And not only can you do that, but you can do it all super easily. Make sure to watch the CentroU Masterclass to hear all about these apps from someone who uses them successfully for her content creation. The quality of your content will go up, and you’ll feel even more empowered. Work smarter, not harder, and watch your profits continue to grow!


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