The Magic of Storytelling in Marketing as a Content Creator

Remember this stories sales funnel that we introduced as a reel on IG?

If not, then we’ll remind you. It went a little something like this:


  1. A nice, simple pic or video- FREE
  2. Slightly hotter story to get your fans warmed up- FREE
  3. Even hotter story to get the ball rolling- FREE
  4. Super hot story that they won’t be able to resist what’s next!- FREE
  5. Incredibly hot video- PAID


We’ve got another fun layer you can add to this strategy:


Let’s take things to a whole other level of irresistibility! Since a lot of the time, we’re working with the element of fantasy as a way for fans to feel more connected to you and themselves it’s a good idea to keep things consistently full of involvement and allure in this way! This is what will get fans hooked and always excited for your new content. If you try story marketing on social media or on your Fancentro page can really lead to more conversions, so a little effort will go a long way!

How to apply the magic of storytelling to your stories marketing:


  • Take your fans on a journey!
  • Think of something in your daily life that you can document step-by-step. 

(examples: a trip to the gym, shopping for new clothes, a walk in nature, a night out with friends etc.)

  • Look for an angle of the experience that you can incorporate a sexy moment for your fans.

(examples: self-pleasure in the gym bathroom, sexy public pics in a fitting room, some public play with a partner or a skinnydip in the lake etc)

  • Later, film all moments leading up to the ‘climax’, sharing them all on your IG stories/ FC stories and then….
  • Direct traffic to your Fancentro page where your fans can purchase the moment they’ve been waiting for!


Finding fresh ways to market your content can be hard to do…but not that hard! If you apply the basic steps of a sales funnel to the fun of your everyday life then you’ll find it to be a lot more enjoyable to do the admin work of making sales! We’re here to help you keep enjoying the fun of creating content every step of the way!



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