Mass DMs 101! How to send a Mass DM on FanCentro in Five Easy Steps

The DM feature is already a favorite of influencers, and one of its best perks is the ability to send a MASS DM to a whole group of fans. We’re talking endless possibilities, so let’s get down to the details!

How Do I Send Content Using Mass DMs?

  1. Log in and head over to Chats section (envelope icon in the top right)
  2. Click the “pencil” icon.
  3. Select the group you want to message. There are six user groups currently:
    – Everyone
    – Active  (fans who currently have an active subscription to your FanCentro profile)
    – Today’s joins (your new FanCentro subscribers in the last 24 hours)
    – Attempted Joins (users who tried to subscribe to your profile in the last 3 months, but did not complete their purchase. They are not part of your ‘Followers’ user group)
    – Followers (fans who are following your FanCentro profile, and who are not part of your ‘Active’, ‘Attempted joins’, and ‘Expired’ user groups)
    – Expired (subscribers who have cancelled their subscription or whose subscription expired in the last 3 months, and who are not part of your ‘Followers’ user group)
    (Alternatively, you can search for subscribers you want to message and tick them one-by-one. Don’t worry – FC remembers those you have ticked so once you are ready to craft the message they won’t be lost!)
  4. When done, click “Next” button.
  5. Feel free to create your awesome mass DM, add media if you like, and send it out!

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