Three Ways to Earn With Livestream that Really Work!

Now that FanCentro has launched the Livestream feature, we know that you’re probably dying to check it out and go live! There are a bunch of ways to earn money livestreaming on FanCentro, and we want to help you master them. Check out some strategies that will make you want to go live every day!


What is Livestreaming?


First things first, livestreaming on FanCentro is exactly what it sounds like: a way to go live for your fans. You can go live for both your subscribers and your followers or you can go live for subscribers only. Want to know one of the coolest features? You can start your stream for both your free followers and your paid subscribers and then switch to only subscribers mid-stream! So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can amp up your earnings by livestreaming on FanCentro.


Create a Menu

Everyone loves a menu! They give you options and you can always find something that you want to buy. A menu is a great way to not only earn a ton of money, but also set your boundaries for what you will do during your live. You can encourage fans to tip you by choosing something off your menu.


Let’s do an example. First, choose any activity that you’re comfortable performing during your live and set a tip price for it.


Now these examples are just to illustrate the idea, but you can make your menu as detailed or simple as you like. Once a user sends you the tip, then you can perform whatever menu item they paid for.


We highly recommend choosing unusual tip amounts for your menu items so regular tips (which tend to be round numbers) won’t get lost in the shuffle!


Convert Followers into Subscribers

  • The ability to turn off your stream for certain fans is going to be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when you’re doing a livestream on FanCentro. Because you can start your stream for all your fans (both paid and unpaid) your unpaid subscribers are going to be very interested in tuning in.
  • You also have the power to switch the stream off for your free followers so that only paying subscribers can get the full experience. You can make a pre-show announcement that your livestream on FanCentro will start off free and then switch to paid-only, so viewers who want to get the complete experience will need to subscribe to see it.
  • Once the stream is switched off for followers, there will be a banner in its place telling them how to subscribe. You know that your followers are going to be dying to upgrade to a paid subscription so they won’t miss a moment. What does that mean for you? Higher conversion and more money!


Create a LiveStream Schedule

Creating a schedule for your livestreams on FanCentro is a great way to build your fanbase, because fans will see that you’re frequently active on your FanCentro page. Think about it: on your socials fans get excited when you post a lot of different content. This is the same idea! Fans are much more likely to follow an influencer who is super-active, and they are more willing to buy from an influencer who provides a lot of new content. A livestream schedule is a great way to keep the interest in your profile high. You can create your livestream calendar and post it publicly so fans will know exactly when they can tune in and see you.


So there you have it! It’s not only easy to boost your earnings by doing a livestream on FanCentro, it’s also a lot of fun! You can get super creative with your menu, boost your conversion, and show your fans exactly why a subscription to your FanCentro is totally worth it!


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