How to Drive Instagram Traffic to Your FanCentro Page

Instagram is an amazing tool for finding new fans and gaining followers, but it can be tricky to move that traffic from your IG feed to your Fancentro profile. Instagram is a scroller’s paradise and you have about a second (AT MOST!) to capture someone’s attention. While getting new followers on Instagram is pretty straightforward, the real trick is moving that audience to your Fancentro page so you can make a sale. 


Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure that your IG is just one stop on their journey to your content! Here are our tips for driving Instagram traffic to your FanCentro page.


Link in Bio


Putting your link in your Instagram bio may seem like a no-brainer, but this is actually a more flexible and valuable tool than you might realize. You can update your bio link as often as you want, so if there’s a special event you want to promote, you can be sure to give fans access right from your bio. A super popular option is to use tools like Linktree or similar (This article will go over the best alternatives!) so that you can include all of your links in one spot. Whatever option you choose, make sure your fans know that a quick hop over to your profile can link them directly to your content!


Always Use a CTA


CTAs are your biggest ally in converting traffic. You can post amazing content that fans LOVE, but without providing them with directions, it may just end with a like on your photo or a view on your story. Your posts are only the first part of your message–don’t leave your fans hanging! Keep it simple, with an incentive included.



“Check out my FC page for exclusive content!” 

“Click the link in my bio for full access!”

“Find uncensored content on my fan page!”


Posting content without a CTA is like tossing money out the window. It may not always lead to a sale, but the odds are much greater if you guide your fans where you want them to go.


Story + URL


If you post a video or photo to your story, always include the url to your site as text on top of it. (This is where a personalized domain REALLY comes in handy.) Brands that include a url, even if it’s not clickable, see higher conversion and more traffic to their sites. This is a super simple step to take, and it gives your fans a constant reminder that your site exists. The more they see the url, the more likely they are to visit. 


*A Word on Swipe-Ups


While having the option to swipe up on a story is great, it’s only permitted for verified accounts or users with more than 10k followers. Adding a visual link to your story is a nice workaround for you and your fans.


Collab, Collab, Collab!


Instagram is a great opportunity to collab with other influencers for shoutouts and takeovers. Get friendly with other influencers and offer s4s opportunities whenever possible! Need to find contacts? Our Telegram group is a great way to connect with Fancentro influencers! Contact our support team via live chat to be added to the group!


DM Me for More!


This is a cool strategy to try when you have something special going on. If you’re running a promo, sale, or even have a new subscription offer you’re excited about, invite fans to DM you for more information. Fans love the idea of one-on-one interaction, so the odds are good that they’ll slide into your DMs. Prepare a template you can copy and paste welcoming the fan and instructing them on how to access your exclusive deal. This may be a risky move if you have a TON of followers, but if your following is on the smaller side or if you’re just starting out, this is a great way to help drive traffic.


Create a Sales Funnel


Sales funnels are awesome for conversion, and one of the coolest things about IG is that you can start your sales funnel there and end it on your Fancento page. As you know, Fancentro Stories are uncensored, so giving fans a small teaser on IG is a good way to bait your hook. Post a SFW story, either with a link to your page on top, or a CTA to check your bio.


Be sure to mention that things get MUCH hotter on your Fancentro Stories and that they can follow you there for free! 


Here’s how to set up a sales funnel on your Fancentro Stories!


1st Story: Nice, neutral pic or video – FREE

2nd Story: Slightly hotter Story to get them warmed up – FREE

3rd Story: Even sexier to get the ball rolling – FREE

4th Story: SUPER sexy, make sure that they won’t be able to resist what’s next – FREE

5th Story: Incredibly hot NSFW – PAID



Create Story Highlights


Highlights are like a movie trailer that’s always available, even if you’re not actively posting. Keeping a stock of story highlights will give you fans something to check out once they hit your bio, and you can include a ton of information on how they can access more of your content.

Instagram might not be very adult-friendly, but it is an amazing platform for driving traffic. For even more tips on how you can earn more, contact our incredible team of success coaches at!


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