Get to Know the FanCentro Feed

If you’re not best friends with your Feed you’re missing out on an excellent way to make more money, engage with fans, and drive traffic to your profile. The Feed is a unique feature that operates as your own private scrolling news feed and allows you to post exclusive content directly on your FanCentro profile–that means videos, pictures, attachments, text, audio…it’s up to you! Fans can subscribe directly to your Feed, which means more content for them and more income for you!


The Feed is subscription-based, but you can have public posts as well–a few public posts are a great way to intrigue your fans into discovering what kind of content is available to subscribers only!


Unlike shows, you can schedule your Feed posts ahead of time, which is a great option for when you need a break but don’t want to deprive your fans. Keep earning with new Feed subscriptions, even when you’re offline! We’ve recently revamped the Feed to make it even easier for you to share content. The Feed is also a great way to earn more with recycled content and get the most out of every photo and video you shoot.


Posting to Your Feed

How to create a new Feed post

The first step in getting your Feed up and running is to create posts. You can add media to posts, but for now let’s just talk about the basics of posting a text post for your fans.

  1. Click Feed from your Dashboard
  2. Click New Post
  3. Enter your title
  4. Enter your text
  5. Click Publish

How to Create an Audio Post on Feed

Not only can you create text messages, but you can record audio posts as well! Fans will LOVE to hear your voice, so an audio post can be used to send an extra-special message.

  1. Enter your title
  2. Enter your message
  3. Click the Audio icon
  4. Click Start Recording
  5. Record your message
  6. Click the purple microphone to STOP recording
  7. Your message will process
  8. When processing is done, click Publish

Expiration Dates

If you want a post to be extra-exclusive, you can give it an expiration date. By doing so, your post will automatically be removed from your Feed at the expiration time and date you set.

  1. Enter the post title
  2. Click the Tools icon
  3. Click Expiration Date
  4. Choose an expiration date
  5. Choose an expiration time
  6. Click Publish!

How to Create a Post Price

Even though fans have to subscribe to your Feed, you can still set up pay-to-view posts for extra-special content. This is a great way to increase your earnings on a single piece of content!

  1. Create a new post and add the title
  2. Click on Post Price
  3. Set the price of your post
  4. Click on Publish!

How to View Post Stats

Post stats will let you see how a particular post or series of posts are performing. This is helpful in determining which content is working for your fans!

  1. Open Your Post
  2. Click View Post Statistics
  3. Click the calendar to choose a time frame
  4. Hover over the date to see specific stats
  5. View by week, month, year, or all time!
  6. Hover over any time graph to see specific stats

How to Add a Poll to a Post

Whether you want specific feedback or just want to create a fun activity for your fans, polls are a great option! Fans will love the chance to be interactive with you and engagement is always a good thing!

  1. Open your post and add a title
  2. Click on the Poll icon
  3. Add your poll topic
  4. Add the first answer option
  5. Add the second answer option
  6. Click Publish!

How to Pin a Post

If there is a post that has valuable information you want all your fans to see, it’s a good idea to pin it. Pinning your post will put it at the top of your Feed so it will be the first thing fans see when they visit.

  1. Open your post
  2. Click Pin to Top

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