Battling Insecurities on Camera   

We’ve all had an off day when we’re not feeling the sparkle. Whether it’s the death of summer, the endless pandemic blues, or the entire pizza you binged last night (which is something we ALL deserve once in a while!), sooner or later you’re going to have to face a day when you don’t like what you see in the mirror.


It can be difficult to put your best self out there when you’re not feeling it inside. Fortunately, you don’t have to fake it until you make it–there are some tried and true ways to battle the demons whispering in your ear so you can face the camera with confidence.


The Problem


There’s no denying that we live in a “look at me!” society, where putting yourself out there isn’t just accepted, but expected. And if you’re an influencer, that can lead to tremendous pressure. With the demands of a fanbase, it can be hard to take a day off just because you’re just not feeling it, especially considering the fact that, as an influencer, staying relevant is the most important thing there is. You never know if your day off means someone else stepping in and grabbing the spotlight.


So what causes bouts of insecurity? Why do you wake up feeling like a million bucks one day and a crumpled dollar bill the next? The easy answer is this: most often your biggest critic is staring at you from the mirror. And when self-doubt creeps in, confidence creeps out.


Battling your own inner critic can be the hardest fight you’ll ever undertake, but it’s a worthy one! If you’re able to successfully bring doubt to its knees you’ll see a dramatic rise in your self-confidence…and that means turning in a peak performance even when you’re not feeling your best.


The Solutions


So is all this to say you should never turn off your phone and take a day to yourself? Absolutely NOT. We all deserve a break once in a while, and no one can be ‘on’ all the time. Your loyal fans will stick with you through your ups and downs, because at the end of the day we’re all human! But if you do want to power through, there are things you can do to take the edge off an off-day.


Share your struggle – Having a bad day? Tell your fans! Remember, while you may see yourself through mud-splattered lenses, your fans see you through rose-colored glasses and your worst day may not even register for them. If you’re afraid that someone might see through the cracks, be honest about how you’re feeling. Lately it seems like everyone is having more bad days than good, so no one will fault you for feeling a bit down. Sharing your feelings won’t just make you feel better, it may even endear you to your fans even more. Everyone likes to see real people, and giving fans a peek at who you are underneath the glam is a great way to keep ‘em faithful.


Amp up your look – Did you know that smiling, even a fake smile, can have an immediate positive effect on your mood? It’s true! Facial expressions are directly linked to the way we are feeling, so putting a smile on your face can lead to a genuine improvement in attitude. Taking that a step further, if you look great you’re more likely to feel great. It’s no secret that we’ve all spent days, or even weeks, working in our pjs lately (guilty!). Because of that, glamming up a bit can turn a blah day into something fabulous. Take a long, luxurious shower, put on some makeup, and put together a fierce look to tackle the day. Once you’re glowing from the inside-out, fans won’t see a single trace of your bad day.


Try some affirmations – Affirmations are an easy way to remind yourself of how amazing you are. How do you do them? Remind yourself how amazing you are! A great idea is to have an affirmation jar–one day, when you’re feeling great, jot down what makes you special. Tell yourself how smart and beautiful and unique you are. Write down all the ways you make the world a better place. Keep the jar handy for those low days–the positive version of yourself is a LOT more accurate than the one who is full of doubt. Take the time to review your affirmations and know that they are true.


Even when you feel like you’re on top of self-doubt, that little voice can creep in, so it’s best to have some tools in your arsenal: honesty, self-esteem, and affirmations can all work together to help you come out on top of bad days.


Now that you’re feeling great, it’s time to share the love! Why not upload a Clip, post something awesome to your Feed, or send a DM to your fans and ask them what they love about you? (And tell them that a tip would be nice, too!)

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