Social Media Safety Roundup!

Are you concerned about your safety on social media? Of course! Security is one of the biggest concerns of any social media influencer, and it’s important to not only know the risks, but to understand your rights. FanCentro hosted a webinar presented by APAG (Adult Performance Artist Guild) that answered many your questions on how to protect yourself and your livelihood.

Check out the Staying Safe on Social webinar roundup here to discover what APAG has learned about how to protect your rights and safety as a social media influencer.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a roundup of our best practices on social media and how you can take the first step toward protecting yourself and your content.


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Have you lost your Instagram account? APAG can help!


APAG is dedicated to fighting for the rights of adult performers who have had their accounts suspended or deleted. If you have been a victim of account removal, APAG can help. They’ve created a form designed to help you recover your account and get back on social media where you belong!


You can find the form here!

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