Having a Birthday? Get Noticed!

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous! Your bday is the perfect opportunity to encourage your fans to spoil you, and we’ve got some amazing ideas on how to get all the love and attention you deserve on your special day.


Get a Birthday Shoutout!


We would LOVE to gift you with an amazing promo for your special day. Simply fill out this form, choose the date you want it to post, and we’ll give you an extra-special birthday shoutout on our socials so everyone will know it’s time to celebrate YOU!

Top 5 Tips to Start Your New Year Off Right.


  1. Send a birthday DM! Let your fans know that it’s your special day by sending a locked birthday photo or video via bulk DM. Make sure to tell them that when they unlock it, they’ll be adding to your birthday celebration!
  2. Do a birthday live stream! Schedule a birthday party live stream with a customized birthday tip list! Slip into your birthday suit and go get those tips!
  3. Post a birthday clip! Maybe have some birthday cake fun in an exclusive clip for fans to unlock!
  4. Create an Amazon Wish list! Put all of your birthday wishes in one place and then post your list in your Feed so fans know exactly what to buy you!
  5. Fill your Story with birthday fun! This is the place to grab ALL the tips, so make sure that you post plenty of content in your daily Story and tell fans that a tip will make your day that much sweeter.


Don’t let your special day pass by without a proper celebration of YOU! Spread the word and enjoy all that sweet, sweet birthday cash.

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