Self-Shooting Tips that Will Have You Looking Picture Perfect

The ability to successfully film and shoot your own content is a skill that’s worth its weight in gold. When you don’t have to rely on someone else to photograph you, you are free to work on your own schedule, exercise your creativity, and experiment on new ideas.

But how can you teach yourself to be a great photographer? Just like anything else it requires research, practice, and a LOT of patience. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that will get you started on your photography journey.


Take Your Time


Just like anything else, photography is something that improves with practice. When you’re photographing yourself it’s doubly difficult, because I’m willing to bet that you’re your own harshest critic. But while a critical eye is important to develop, in the early days go easy on yourself. Start simply. Work on one photoset with a basic background in the sunshine (no artificial light). This photo shouldn’t strive to be anything more than a portrait of you. Try to capture your true self–I promise that the more genuine your photos, the better response from your fans. Remember, they want to feel an intimate connection with you, so try to accomplish a no-frills photo that will show them who you really are.


Find a Great App for Your Device


Do you need a thousand dollar camera to shoot great content? Absolutely not! Your smartphone likely has a fantastic camera, and the best part is, you can find apps for editing and perfecting your photos right on your phone. Some of our faves include Adobe Lightroom, Facetune, Pixelmator, Snapseed, and Darkroom.


Get Used to Remotes & Self-timers

These tools are guaranteed to make your life a lot easier. One of my favorite tips is to use a ring light with a remote attached, so you’re taking care of your lighting and shooting needs at the same time, but you can also find separate remotes that connect to your phone via wifi, like this one.

Your self-timer can also be helpful, but you need to have a bit more patience if you go this route. If you love your self-timer, it’s a good idea to ‘set up’ the shot beforehand. Light the space, get everything focused, set your timer and get in the shot. It’s a more tedious process, but if you get into a good rhythm it can be a smooth one.


A Mirror is Your Best Friend

A mirror may be just as important as a camera when you’re shooting your own content. By having it as a reference behind your camera, you can see approximately what the shot is going to look like. Set up a mirror (the bigger, the better) so that you can easily check your position, angles, hair and makeup, etc. Rather than going into a shoot blind and ending up with a pile of disappointing shots, a mirror ups your odds of shooting success!


Get a Great Tripod

A tripod is more than just something to hold your camera/phone up. It can also help you with angles, give you more freedom to shoot in different locations, and your carefully set up shot won’t go tumbling to the ground. Just like a remote shutter, you can opt for a tripod with a light built in, but you really don’t need a lot of frills. Something lightweight, flexible, and easy to maneuver is your best bet when shopping for legs for your camera.



Doing a bit of research on poses and scenes you’d like to recreate goes a long way. Find a style that speaks to you, even if it’s a bit out of your comfort zone. Set up a test shoot that will allow you to experiment with out-of-the-box ideas…you might end up pleasantly surprised by the result. Since we’re generally talking about adult content, you may also want to check out photos by influencers that you admire. Try different angles, different lighting, different outfits, and different hair and makeup. The result might be better than just scoring a hot photoshoot…you may unlock an entire new world of possibilities for shooting content!



Few people have a photography studio built into their home, ready to go. And not every home is picture-perfect. But before you go shopping for expensive backdrops and accessories, take a look around your house. Odds are you have a lot of interesting colors and textures that you can incorporate into your scene. Keep an eye out for sales at fabric and arts and crafts stores for great deals on material that you can use as backdrops or drapes. I once saw an influencer who wanted a luxe white fur background to shoot a makeup haul. Instead of dishing out money for fur, she decided to go with a cheaper option: she used her sleeping cat as a furry backdrop. Great pics and the cat never noticed a thing! Remember, photography is all about creating an experience, a feeling, and an illusion. A touch of creativity can go a long way toward turning your photos up to ten.


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