Spice Up Your Shows with Erotica

Human beings are visual creatures, but don’t discount the power of letting your imagination run wild. Porn might be the #1 way people get their rocks off, but literary erotica is not far behind, so it might be time to tap into a million dollar market. Generally, women are more turned on by a really great bodice-ripping romance, but with a little ingenuity you can incorporate some of the steamier moments into your shows. Consider using the power of the written word to inspire and shape your fans’ experience!


Story Time


If you’ve never considered erotica as a worthy outlet for your sexual adventures, it’s time to reconsider. Storytelling is a huge part of your fans’ experience and having a solid narrative to back up your shows can help entertain as well as arouse. And what’s even better is that there is an erotic niche for literally every taste (dinosaur porn, anyone?). You could keep it classic with a run-of-the-mill romance or go all out with some of the most interesting erotic literature for inspiration.


Cut Your Work Time in Half


By incorporating erotica into your shows, you’re also potentially saving yourself a ton of time and creative energy. Acting out a steamy scene for your fans not only gives them the bonus of a great storyline, but you don’t have to write it! Check out some of the hottest erotica on the market today and see what tickles your fancy. Taking a (literal) page from an author you love can lead to a dynamic book to film adaptation for your fans.


Go With the Narrative


Audio books can also be hugely helpful in developing a special experience for your fans. Did you ever wish you had someone to narrate your life? Well it’s really easy to have someone narrate your shows! Check out some erotic audiobooks for a hot scene that you’d act out with pleasure. It’ll help both you and your fans get in the mood as you really get a feel for your character.


Choose Your Own Adventure


If you offer custom videos for your fans, you might want to ask them to try their hand at a unique narrative. Encourage your fans to give you a story to work off of instead of simply stating what lingerie or toy they’d like to see. The more specific they can be, the better the show, and the more fun it’ll be for you to act it out.


Happy Ending


We all know DMs are great for giving fans serious Fear of Missing Out! Those locked messages are super tempting on their own, but by incorporating a bit of your erotica knowledge can amp that anticipation up to ten! Consider sending your fans a teaser story that spans a few direct messages and finishing it with a pay-to-unlock video that gives away the ending. If you build anticipation the right way there’s no chance they’re going to pass up seeing how the story ends!


Lip Service


One of the greatest sources of untapped potential lies in your ability to send audio messages via DM and on your Feed. If you haven’t tried out this feature, definitely take it out for a test drive! Fans love to hear the passion in your voice, so consider offering them some serious dirty talk via a sexy script. You can make up your own story or borrow one of your favorite erotic tales. Lock these messages or follow your story with a locked photo or vid to give them the satisfaction that only a really great ending can bring.

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