Twitter Fleets Are Ending, But FanCentro Stories Are Still Uncensored!

You may have heard that Twitter is putting an end to their “Fleets” feature. Fleets were Twitter’s answer to Stories — tweets that only lasted for 24 hours. Since Twitter is open to adult content, this was great for influencers who wanted to share uncensored stories, but couldn’t do it on other platforms. Fleets allowed them to create a sense of urgency for their fans who had to keep tuning in to catch their exclusive content.


While Fleets didn’t really take off for the majority of Twitter users, it was a unique opportunity for adult influencers to keep their fanbase on their toes by doing something no other platform allowed them to do: post uncensored stories. But as of August 3rd, Fleets will be no more.


So what now? Does the death of Fleets mean no more uncensored stories?


NOPE! FanCentro recently launched another option that is even better!


FanCentro Stories are not only uncensored, they’re a great way to further monetize your fanbase. While you can post public or follower-only Stories, only your subscribers will have full access to every XXX Story you post. That makes Stories an excellent tool for upselling your fans from follower to subscriber!


How can I use Fleets to help?


Even though Fleets only have a few weeks left, you can use them to direct your fanbase to your FanCentro Stories. Post Fleets that tell your fans exactly how they can continue to see your uncensored Stories so you won’t lose a single viewer (and maybe even gain a bunch more!).


How do I use FanCentro Stories?


FanCentro Stories are amazing because you can post content that’s tailor-made for your different groups. You can post for the public, your followers only, or your subscribers only. Not sure what kind of content to post? We’ve made a guide to help you out!


Keep these visuals in mind whenever you’re not sure what to post for which group!



And posting is SO easy!



In short, the death of Fleets does NOT mean you have to give up your uncensored Stories! FanCentro Stories was created especially for adult influencers and gives you the freedom to post what you want, how you want!

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