Three Steps to the Perfect CTA

There is a simple, but incredibly effective, way to improve your odds of making a sale with every piece of content you publish. Whether it’s a Story, a social media post, or even a DM, you should never hit “Send” until you’ve included a call to action (CTA).


What is a Call to Action?

A call to action, or CTA, is a short, but very specific phrase that will direct your fans toward the goal you’re looking to achieve. Phrases like, “Follow me!” “Comment below!” or “Get Access!” are all examples of CTAs. They give the reader deliberate instructions on what to do next. A CTA gives your post direction, so that instead of just viewing your content, your fans are guided toward the next step. For an influencer, that goal is always the same: earn money! A CTA will guarantee that you won’t miss out on sales, leads, or other money-making opportunities.


On FanCentro, the direction is clear. You want fans to find you, follow you, and then subscribe to your content.


Discover→ Follow→ Subscribe = $$$


Common Calls to Action


Calls to action don’t have to be crazy complicated, but they should always be powerful. You generally have between two and six words to get your point across, so the phrases you choose are extremely important. Here are some common calls to action you’ve probably seen:

  • Start today
  • Buy it now
  • Register to join
  • Click here
  • Request a quote
  • Swipe up for more

Any type of call to action is a positive addition to your content, but you shouldn’t settle for ‘good enough’. CTAs should always be brief, effective, and with a goal in mind.


How to Write a Call to Action


While calls to action should aim to be simple, there are a few steps you should take when you’re writing one. It’s easy to slap any kind of CTA on a post, but taking a moment to really consider your message will go a long way toward making sure it’s effective.


1. Be clear about what you want them to do

It’s important that your CTA is crystal clear. Something like “Click Here” may be obvious enough, but it really doesn’t give much information. Click here for what? What’s the goal? Depending on where the click is sending your fans, you want to add a bit more clarity to your CTA by including more details.


  1. Click here for exclusive content
  2. Click here to follow for free!
  3. Click here to subscribe


The more specific your language, the more effective your call-to-action will be.


2. Explain the Gain

Remember when I said you have about two to six words to make your CTA stick? That’s not because of space restraints, two to six words are about the most a casual browser is going to bother to read. So you need to really make it count. People on social media generally have extremely short attention spans, and you want to make sure you bait your hook well.

No one wants to do something for nothing. In order to make a real bang, your call-to-action needs to talk about what your fan will get.

  • Click here to subscribe for more!
  • Swipe up for exclusive content!
  • Comment for a chance to win!
  • Follow for a hot DM!

These calls to action tend to be a little longer, but you’ll also get a lot more bang for your buck.

3. Use images


Influencers have an obvious advantage here. While other companies may struggle to make utilities or streaming services sexy to a viewer, when you’re an influencer, you have mastered the art of setting a thirst trap. And once you have an image, adding a CTA is the cherry on top. Consider using photos or clips to help persuade your fans that there is a lot more waiting for them on the other side of your CTA.


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