Marketing Tips Every Content Creator Should Try

Your brand is nothing without an audience, and your content won’t be seen unless you’re marketing to the right people. You want to make sure that you’re opening up as many traffic avenues as possible. Maybe even more importantly, you want to aim your marketing efforts on people who will BUY! Having thousands of followers on social media is a great start, but if those followers are not buyers, you’re going to be sending your carefully made content down a dark tunnel lined with dead ends. There are ways to produce content that will attract the people who are willing to pay to see more, it’s just a matter of understanding the market and making sure your efforts are up-to-date and keep you on top.


Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to consider when you’re promoting yourself.


Understand the Market


The first, and most important, step to making sales is understanding what sells. If you’re not producing content that’s in line with current trends, your buyers might not stick around. That’s why an important part of your market plan should be research. How can you get started? By turning to the pros! Check out what the top names in the industry are doing to promote themselves to get tips for creating your own campaign. There’s a reason best-sellers are where they are, so don’t be shy about turning to them for tips. You can learn a tremendous amount by studying what they post, when they post it, and how they post.


Quality Over Quantity


As I mentioned above, having a high follower count is great, but you want to make sure that the people following your account are potential buyers. One way to gauge this is how much engagement your account gets. Are your fans commenting on your posts, sending you DMs, and generally being active? Do you get a decent response to your Stories? Does your social media content bring traffic to your FanCentro page? If you’re not getting the engagement you want, it might be worth it to reevaluate your strategy. Focus on what works and toss out what doesn’t. Create posts that encourage engagement–do polls on your Stories, do an AMA, hold a giveaway. All of your posts should be a stepping stone toward a sale, NOT a destination.


Know Your Audience


You can’t just speak to your audience, you need to BE your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if your posts would successfully guide you toward making a purchase. This is one of those times when you really need to be brutally honest with yourself. Don’t allow yourself to settle into comfortable posting habits if they’re not bringing the results you want. If you’re seeing good engagement on your socials, but you’re not seeing that traffic convert into sales, it’s time to change tactics and focus on really driving fans toward a purchase. You can do this by creating a special sale, or maybe a “Social Media Special’ subscription offer — get creative! Think objectively about what would make YOU take the next step.


Be Yourself


A lot of content creators seriously underestimate the power of letting your personality shine through in your posts. You can find a million different accounts with hot content, but not nearly as many showing authenticity. Fans LOVE personality. They respond very positively to influencers who come across as confident, funny, personable, and REAL. Think about the people you surround yourself with? Do you make friends with someone purely because of the way they look? No! Personality is the most important thing in relationships and your relationship with your fanbase should be no different. You don’t have to be completely transparent with your fans, you deserve privacy too, but when your personality shines you’re going to start attracting people who want to see more of it. Don’t make every post a thirst trap, give your fans a chance to know the real you.




Being a successful content creator is all about guiding your fans to where you want them to go. There are a couple of ways to achieve that. One of the most important things you can do is to add a CTA to every single thing you post. (Learn all about CTAs here!) A CTA is the best way to help your fans take the next step. If they see a sexy teaser pic on Instagram, they might not know that they can see the uncensored version on your FanCentro Stories. So tell them! Don’t waste time posting content with no direction, take the time to think about what you want each post to accomplish so you can create a CTA that will help you reach that goal.

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