Six Steps to Selling Your Brand

When you think of successful influencers, what is the one thing they all have in common? They have a brand! Everyone who is well-known is known for something and in getting there they had to establish a brand that told the world who they are and what we can expect from them.


What is a brand?


A brand, very simply, is a statement on who you are. It’s everything from the content you shoot all the way down to the font you use on your watermark. Branding is the best way to become recognizable in the industry, and having a strong brand is especially important for influencers. There are so many people vying to be influencers across social media and if you want to stand out you need a strong brand to support your platform and help fans find you.


How can I establish branding on FanCentro?


There are six major steps you need to take in order to cultivate and establish branding on FanCentro. The good news? With our features we make it super easy to share your brand with fans and attract new traffic. Let’s take a look at the key elements of branding on FanCentro.


Decide Who You Want to Be


You can’t tell your fans what you can offer them before you know who you truly are. When establishing your brand, think about what makes you unique. Do you have a particular talent or area of expertise that will help fans find your content? Is there something you do that no one else in the industry is doing? Do you have a specialty that your fans love? These are all decisions you need to make when you establish branding on FanCentro. Will your content be vanilla or are you more hardcore? Do you love engaging with your fans or are you more likely to keep your distance? Do you have a cause or a mission you would like to pursue? When you think of branding on FanCentro consider popular influencers like Larkin Love whose brand focuses on her gorgeous figure or Kitty Kum who makes a killing by cashing in on her amateur status. When you look at both of their profiles you’ll notice that they have a definite aesthetic. What is an aesthetic? It means their style is highly recognizable, which makes it easy for fans to find their content!


Send a Message


Speaking of aesthetics, this is a major part of selling your brand to an audience. Once you understand what you want your branding on FanCentro to be, it’s time to share that message with your fans. How can you use your brand to communicate with your fanbase?  Your FanCentro profile is the best way to get the message across, both with pictures and with text. Remember, your profile is optimized for SEO, so the language you choose is VERY important.


Let’s use Larkin Love as an example again. Here is an excerpt from her profile:


Your favorite brunette milf and kinky taboo Mommy. Role-play expert. Taboo fetishist. Kinky Domme. Cosplaying queen of kinky sex.  I have hundreds of self-shot videos ready to blow your mind – with new releases every week!


As you can see, her message is very specific. She lists all of the keywords that fans would search for in looking for content like hers, and because she has a very obvious brand, fans are going to be more likely to hit subscribe than they would for someone who doesn’t have a clear brand. That’s an important point: in order to get an established brand, you have to have a clear brand. No one will know who you are until you know yourself!


Pinpoint Your Audience


Now that you have your brand, it’s time to do a little research. Casting an open net into the ocean will catch you a few fish, sure, but if you know how to bring those fish to you, you’ll get a much bigger result with a lot less effort. The good news? It’s a LOT easier to advertise yourself when you have a clear brand. This is where your aesthetic comes in as well — all of your advertising efforts, whether they be photos, videos, or banners, should reflect the same aesthetic that fans will see when they visit your page. That continuity will help establish brand loyalty and make fans want to subscribe to you!


Cast a Wide Net


Recently, FanCentro spoke at an Internext panel on the importance of diversifying your content. What does that mean? To begin, it means you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can diversify without posting exactly the same content across the board. Have exclusive clips to share or want to go live? FanCentro has features specifically designed for those purposes. You can advertise that exclusivity, “Live ONLY on FanCentro” to drive your traffic there, and use other platforms for other types of content. It’s not about choosing one platform over another, it’s about understanding which platforms will get you the most traffic and then directing that traffic where to go.


Live By Your Words


Your brand is nothing without your dedication to it. If you advertise that you do cosplay, be sure that cosplay is evident when a casual visitor hits up your site. You want your FanCentro profile to embody everything that your branding on FanCentro promises. Another good tip? Update your content often–even the best branding in the world will turn off a fan if they see that your last update was three months ago. Maintain regular content that is in line with your brand to gain new customers and keep your loyal followers.


Consistency is Key


When you think of Nike, what first comes to mind? Their trademark swoosh combined with a super simple slogan: Just do it. That branding has been in place for a LONG time. But staying consistent doesn’t mean you should be stale…there’s a big difference. You want to remain loyal to your brand while coming up with fresh content ideas to intrigue your audience. Remember, we may know the Nike logo, but we can’t say for sure what kind of sneakers they’re going to come out with in a year. Your brand should be the same: recognizable, but still with a few surprises up your sleeve!


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